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Wednesday 9 April 2014

I should have been a dietitian !

Looking back over the years I have been a diabetic, and promoting a low carb diet for diabetics, I have come to the conclusion, I should have been a dietitian. I can't think of a job that is so much money for old rope. Fours years having a good time at Uni, get the dietitians ticket and off you go. All you have to do is stick to the rule book, tell almost everyone to cut down on saturated fats and eat starchy carbs with every meal, and hand out diet sheets. You don't diagnosis anything and usually rely on information from a Doctor and blood tests etc. Punch some info into a lap top, job done. You also get to call yourself a healthcare professional, how cool is that.

Now, here is the good part, if you stick to the rule book, NICE guidelines and the spiel from the BDA, your failure rate can be 100%, and no one gives a monkeys. Your obese patients stay obese, your diabetics go down with complications, and all you have to say is they did not comply with the rules and diabetes is always progressive. It doesn't even matter if you are obese and unhealthy yourself, so many dietitians are, as are so many healthcare professionals. If you really hit the jackpot, outfits like Coca Cola and Mars and Rosemary Conley pay you lot's of money to spread the word, sure helps with those lease payments on the Porsche.

Compare that to my job as a Production Engineer in the Aerospace Industry, failure was not an option. I can assure you a hell of a lot of questions get asked when a plane goes down with two hundred people on board. Every part on a commercial and military plane is issued with a certificate of conformity, right down to the smallest washer. Woe betide anyone that forged those certificates and lied regarding quality of materials, inspection or workmanship.

So, the bottom line here is, millions of diabetics can can die early before their time, killed by ridiculous dietary information and big pharma drugs, them's the breaks. 93% of UK type one diabetics fail to get to a safe HbA1c (NHS Stat's) them's the breaks, the obesity and often linked type two diabetes epidemics get worse by the day, them's the breaks. On second thoughts, I am glad I am not the average dietitian, I like to sleep at night. 


Disclaimer. I am fully aware there are some fantastic dietitians in this world, what a pity they seem to be so thin on the ground. But times are a changin'


Gwen said...

Honestly, I know you were posting tongue-in-cheek, but in the past 6 months I've thought long and hard about going back to get a dietitian certification/degree...but I'm 62, and it hardly seems worth the effort or money at this juncture in my life. Perhaps my next lifetime. Oh well. I'll just keep bloggin away instead... :)

Lowcarb team member said...

Tongue in cheek no way Gwen. Most dietitians in the UK are a health hazard for diabetics.



Anonymous said...

Times are changing but it takes a brave newly trained dietician to break free.

Anonymous said...

Anyone would think you don't like most dieticians Eddie? Now how come I wonder?

Gwen said...

No, I knew you meant it, but it was kind of humorous how you worded it all. In that regard, tongue-in-cheek. ;)

Lisa said...

My son's "diabetes specialist dietitian" told him he can eat whatever he likes, even McDonalds and there is no such thing as a diabetic diet nowadays. I'm not joking, that is what she said. Too weird to be true. I'll stick to my own low carb diet, thank you very much. Can a type 1 achieve an HbA1c of 5.5 eating McDonalds???

Note to all diabetics or anyone with a chronic disease - do your own research and don't believe everything the "experts" tell you.