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Monday 7 April 2014

Low fat foods contain an average 20% more sugar than full fat equivalents and can increase risk of weight gain and diabetes, health experts warn !

The study, conducted for a Channel 4 Dispatches investigation to be broadcast tonight, found that a ‘skinny’ lemon and poppyseed muffin from Starbucks had 44.3g of sugar, or just over 11 teaspoons.

That is much more than the 35g in a can of Coca-Cola and the same as in a triple Belgian choc Mississippi mud muffin from the same chain.

The Starbucks ‘skinny’ blueberry muffin contains 34.7g of sugar – 8.6 teaspoons – which is more than the 28.1g in the ‘classic’ version of the same product.

Last week, the World Health Organisation closed a consultation on guidance recommending that no more than 10 per cent of our daily calories should come from ‘free sugar’ added by manufacturers or naturally occurring in food. This is the equivalent of 12 teaspoons.

However, even supposedly healthy fruit juices and smoothies can contain much more than this. A supersize massimo version of Costa’s ‘red berry cooler’, for example, contains 97.1g of sugar, equivalent to around 24 teaspoons.

"Terry Jones, of the Food and Drink Federation, said: ‘As an industry, we are committed to providing consumer choice, including lower-fat versions, and responding to demand for healthier choices."

Yeah, and Lions make good house pets eh Terry "healthy choices" I suppose some of these drinks are healthy compared to drinking cyanide. 

More on this horror story here.



Anonymous said...

Yes this is horrific. Sugar is poison and the food manufacturers still insist on continuing to kill us off. Sugar taxes have been talked of. Not sure if they will help.


Anonymous said...

You can not believe anything we are told. Until strict regulations are introduced the food industry wins and the people lose. Our health deteriates and the nations wealth with costs to he NHS soar ever higher. Are we all sleep walking through this madness?

Anonymous said...

: Wise Man Said :

Who is healthy. Who is wealthy.

I am healthier but not wealthier.

I just don't buy low fat foods anymore. Result I do not pay extra for added sugar.