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Friday, 25 April 2014

My friend Libby and her family.

Many on the UK diabetes forum scene know Libby, also known as Wiflib. Libby is a healthcare professional and type two diabetic. Libby and myself have a lot in common. We were born on the same day, although Libby is more than ten years younger than me. Both our Fathers died from type two diabetes complications. We both joined the diabetes club within months of each other. We both were deeply influenced by a man called Fergus Craig, a long term type one diabetic, who introduced us to the works of Dr. Richard Bernstein, arguably the worlds leading authority on blood glucose control.

Like me, at diagnosis Libby was heavily over weight, note the word 'was' Libby embraced low carb high fat big time. She reduced her weight by around 100lbs, her HbA1c, blood lipid counts etc. are the same as a non diabetic teenager, on no diabetes medication. She has maintained this weight loss for years. Libby like me, has done her best to see her family has dumped the junk and minimise carbs/starch/sugar. Look at these youngsters, members of Libby's family. I think you will agree, a picture of health and happiness. Like Libby, we spread the word, not all of our six kids low carb, but guess what, they have set up a low carb diet for their kids. OK, not to Libby's 30 carbs a day, or my 50 carbs a day. But these kids are eating whole fresh foods, their diets are not based on sugar and starch. They major on fresh vegetables, fruit, quality proteins and fats, sweets etc. are an occasional treat, not a way of life as we see with so many kids.


Please note. Picture taken from face book and published with permission from Libby's family.


Wiflib said...

Their bacon habit is expensive!

From left to right Jenny, Hugo and Kitty, my grandchildren. All born at home, all breastfed.

Anonymous said...

Happy looking children. With Libby guiding - their future must look bright.


Galina L. said...

I wonder, what do they eat on the picture?

Wiflib said...

Lots of bacon. They also like porridge so they get the roughest one possible and they eat it with cream.

Galina L. said...

I never heard about paleo diet when my son was growing, but we didn't have sugary treats at home, I cooked all my food, and the favorite quick-food option of my son was a sour-cream (like half of a cup), his favorite source of carbohydrates was and still is a buckwheat.

Lowcarb team member said...

Libby your grand-kids look great. Our grandchildren also love bacon. Their mum always prepares fresh real food for them. They do eat a lot of fruit such as blueberries, grapes and to see them tuck into broccoli, cucumber, carrot sticks is AWESOME as my son says.

Of course they do eat the occasional cake, and ice cream but only as a treat not every day. This has become the 'norm' they do not question it. They have been given a good start, what more can you ask for?

Have a good weekend

All the best Jan

Lisa said...

I wish I knew how detrimental a high carb diet was before I became a mother. I feel ill when I think about what I used to feed my family thinking it was healthy. Unfortunately, advertising still tries to brainwash the public into thinking processed food and margarine are healthy for us.

party pooper said...

There is a big difference between Carbs and processed food!

I would not let my kids eat alot of processed bacon - there are links to bowel cancer. Oh and protein converted to glucose feeds cancer cells too!!

Lowcarb team member said...

Party pooper post something half way sensible, or I may have to get out the pooper scooper and scrape you of the lawn.


Unknown said...

"I would not let my kids eat alot of processed bacon - there are links to bowel cancer. Oh and protein converted to glucose feeds cancer cells too!!"

What a load of old cock:

At let me get this right, you don't eat protein because you're scared of cancer?

Anonymous said...

Indeed there's a lot of old cock out there. People moan and go on about all the wrong things. How can a picture of happy kids cause grouchy comments. I'm the number one grouch here.

Byee lazy grouch

Galina L. said...

We don't consume a lot of bacon in my family - the taste is too strong, we use it very sparingly and not daily. Our money drain is prosciutto and blue cheese. Fortunately for our budget, we don't eat it every day too.

party pooper said...

Mr Ferguson - ever the gentleman!

Kris Kesser - the well known acupucturist chooses to be selective - one of the main problems is heating nitrates. The nitrates in bacon are NOT naturaly occuring as in other food.

It is also very paleo don't you think - I expect the cave men enjoyed bacon.!