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Friday 25 April 2014

Thank you Galina

If I could send you these flowers for real I would. No one has posted more comments on this blog than you. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to make a valuable contribution. Eddie


Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers. Galina will like them I'm sure.

Galina L. said...

Thank you, Eddie. Nice flowers. I hoped it wouldn't be a golden penice award in my case.

Lowcarb team member said...

What a lovely bouquet.

......Many thanks to Galina and ALL who take time to comment on our blog, we do appreciate receiving your views, thoughts, ideas.

With the weekend fast approaching - hope you have a good one.

All the best Jan

Galina L. said...

You are welcome , Jan. I support the people who promote the life-style changes over relying mostly on medications without seeing a tragedy in the fact that some foods are better to be avoided for sensitive individual. You offer a very sensible meal choices no reasonable person should object.