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Wednesday 9 April 2014

The Low Carb High Fat Warriors are winning the war against junk food and big pharma's greed and lies !

Close on six years ago I joined the DCUK forum, it was a friendly place in those days and not the nutter magnet it is these days. A guy called Fergus Craig, a man who has forgotten more about safe diabetes control, than a whole army of medics and dietitians will probably ever know, showed many members the way forward. His low carb high fat methods seemed so logical, especially for us type two over weight diabetics. The wrong diet had lead to our insulin resistance, our pancreas was struggling and failing to control blood glucose numbers. Sooner or later something had to give, the human body can take and survive massive injuries and abuse, but continued abuse always has a price. 

If a long time diet of ever more high starch/sugar highly processed foods was causing the damage, it made perfect sense to change our diets. Many of us did, I still keep in touch with many of the early members, and only one is suffering severe complications. Brought about not by diet, but by over medication and medical incompetence. All are holding non diabetic HbA1c numbers and most on no more than a couple of metformin pills per day. A victory for common sense, what could anyone find wrong with healthy, natural and safe way to control diabetes. Lots went wrong.

For years over at the DCUK forum a small, but extremely determined bunch of low carb antis known as the clique have kicked the low carb high fat lifestyle to death. Along the way plenty of other individuals have done the same. Almost all have come and gone. The long term low carb anti clique has been beaten big time, all those meddling posts, running to the mods bellowing for thread locking, post deletions and low carb members banning etc. in fact years of work, have come to nothing. Low carb high fat has won, I always knew it would, six years ago I wrote this on the front page of our website

"So often at diagnosis, a diabetic is advised to eat normally, or base their diet on starchy carbohydrates, this is totally ludicrous. That diet was recommended to us, by our healthcare teams, and is the type of diet promoted by DUK, the largest diabetes charity in the UK. After trying the recommended diet, and trying to control our blood glucose, we started to become concerned. Through basic research, we quickly learned that high blood glucose numbers are dangerous. We decided it was time to look harder for an alternative, an alternative to the eat starchy foods with every meal advice. An alternative to chasing highly elevated blood glucose numbers, with ever increasing medication. We discovered low carb"

The above made sense then, as it does today. The good news is more and more Scientists, Doctors, Dietitians and diabetics are agreeing. Everyday there is so much positive news from members regarding low carb, I can afford to pick and choose what good news story to nick and post up on this blog. All over the world the media is full of stories warning of the perils of a high sugar (and for sugar read carbs) diet. Natural fats are safe we are now told. This turnaround had to come, obesity and it’s often linked type two diabetes, is bankrupting healthcare systems, and set to get far worse over the next twenty years according to many experts. Common sense had to prevail in the end.

In the US the situation regarding dietitians has become so bad, a breakaway outfit called Dietitians For Integrity has been formed. As reported on this blog, so many organisations that appear to be neutral offering dietary or health advice, are no more than Black Op's outfits and financed and controlled by big pharma and junk food. The so called healthy margarine is now seen as a health hazard, and the big foods outfits are throwing in the towel. Big food companies are looking very carefully at their brand portfolios and off loading the worst of their junk big time.

OK the war is not over, and it is a war. Countless more millions will perish in this war. A war between junk food and big pharma's greed, lies and profit, versus common sense and a return to the way of eating before obesity and type two diabetes became world wide epidemics.

“No one has ever explained to me how you can ask someone to lower their blood sugar level and yet recommend a diet based on sugar.” Dr Charles Clark, Diabetes expert.


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Lisa said...

So glad I live in the age of the Internet where I can find information about low carb diets for diabetes (and so many other health problems) otherwise I would still have been deceived by the celebrity dietitians and doctors who promote the diet of death.