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Saturday 19 April 2014

"The Alternative Five-a-Day"

As I write this, it's Friday night, and I’m thinking, so far it’s been a good week. One for relaxing and taking time to just enjoy a slower pace. Eddie has even enjoyed some fishing…even better he caught some!

Whilst sitting in the garden of a lovely village pub, earlier this week, drinking a glass of water…well no of course it wasn’t…one of our group bought a packet of 'Tyrells' FURROWS Hand Cooked Crisps, mature cheddar cheese & pickled onion flavour …someone said "Oh they’re the posh crisps and taste great"
I had to make sure she was correct ! After a few I decided yes they did taste good. Now I’m not usually one to eat crisps so naughty me!!!!!
However, I do like their marketing team. I’m not sure how many of you do read what’s on the back of packets, I know I do. On the back of the packet was this wording “The Tyrells Alternative Five-a-Day” and underneath:
“Steamed broccoli, herbal tea, sit ups; nothing terribly wrong with any of those (in moderation). But there is such a thing as taking it too far, you know.
Which is why we came up with our own lifestyle guide, an alternative five-a-day. It’s a simple list of things to keep your spirits up. Well it works for us!
A hunk of farmhouse cheddar
A huge helping of pickle
A skip in the woods
A blow on a penny whistle
A bag of Furrows ”
For those who check the carb content of what they eat these crisps are 21.5g for a 40g pack …. Now I didn’t eat the whole pack, I had a handful …. I was looking forward to my dinner of salmon cooked in a lemon herb butter and served with a selection of green vegetables and buttery mashed swede.. and it was delicious.
Sometimes life just goes well ….and now if I can find the family penny whistle ….I think it’s in the drawer …you may just hear me play a tuneful tune. LOL !
I hope you are having a really relaxing Easter weekend
All the best Jan


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful, looks wonderful and a nice dinner too.


Lowcarb team member said...

Many thanks for stopping by to comment Ruth....


All the best Jan