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Monday 6 June 2011

Arch Troll and King of the Cyber Bully’s Last Stand.

From Ken today.

“Tell that to the people who are targeted repeatedly by a person who apparently shouldn't be named here, despite the fact that he ridicules several of this forums members in his vindictive blog. Nothing more than a cyber bully and an idiot. There are many on the Net usually posting from an American site where it is difficult to take legal action against the perpetrators.”

For those with a short memory, or maybe new to the crazy world of some diabetes forums, some background to the last few weeks grief. Almost three years ago on what became the personal fiefdom of Cugila aka Ken the forum was a great place for getting sound dietary information and obtaining non diabetic HbA1c numbers. Ken joined and after ten years of following NHS diets was almost immediately helped to safe numbers. He thanked the people who helped him on the forum and in an online diabetes magazine. I was one of those people. Almost all the success stories came from lowcarbing diabetics. From newbie’s to long time diabetics were reporting their lives had been turned around and you could feel their excitement and happiness coming down the wires. What could be better you may be thinking.

Well, a small bunch of ant-lowcarbers, including the resident dietition, done their absolute level best to spoil the situation. Hounding certain lowcarbers around the clock with talk of scurvy, osteoporosis, too much protein causing kidney damage. A drip, drip, drip feeding of dross from the tabloids re saturated fat etc. Arguments got heated, thread locking became a regular occurrence. A great victory for the antis was getting me banned. I was the most vocal and argumentative lowcarber there, and refused to back down to a small bunch of anti-lowcarbers, who clearly operated in a pack. Often posting against me on mass. So, I was history over there, I was disappointed, I felt I had more work to do, but no one is indispensable eh.

Let’s move forward in time. Ken became a mod and for whatever reason, sided with some of the most vocal anti-lowcarbers. Thread locking, deletion of members posts, alteration and movement of posts, and banning became a fulltime job for Ken, and have a guess who bore the brunt of his ham fisted moderation, the lowcarbers.

Let’s move on a bit more. After turning into a place where it was his way or the highway, and ruling it with an iron fist, most of the active and highly knowledgeable lowcarbers were either banned or left. Now he was surrounded by a small bunch of fulltime anti-lowcarb sycophants, he was untouchable. Or so he thought ! was not enough for Ken, he wanted more and joined Under the name of millimetre his strong arm tactics did not go down to well there, and he left of his own accord deleting most of his own posts. He returned some time later as the sinister troll Wrunkelt and did his level best to cause mayhem. Without doubt the most foulmouthed and nasty piece of work ever to be on a diabetes forum (we have the posts) he was banned, as usual he was assisted by his Moll, millymole another forum mole, aka sugarless sue.

How Ken has the bare faced effrontery, to call anyone a troll or cyber bully beggars belief, for anyone other than the unhinged, and his small pack of fulltime cohorts.

To be continued.


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Anonymous said...

Jeez he is still at it.