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Saturday 18 June 2011

Free at last............!!!

Free at last.........!!! the new forum signature for Cugila Ken. Very true, the forum is free from his Stalinist moderation, but not free from his idiotic posts and rants ! Ken and his team are doing their best to wreck the place don't let them win. Join and spread the lowcarb good news. The days of being banned on a mod's whim and post deletion are over. Join the forum, re-join the forum, I have.

(Is this a copywrite infringement of a famous speech by Martin Luther King)


beautiful bernard said...

I'm fairly certain that John Inman already has copyright on Ken's latest sig.

Anonymous said...

I wish Ken would go away, his just petulant posts are just embarrassing. Have some dignity Ken and move on. Your day has been and gone, yesterday's man I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Ken today.

It's a minefield for Mods etc !!! Nobody in their right mind would do the job....

Can't argue with that. A nobody not in his right mind.

Graham said...

Been out most of the day and night (a pint or three LOL) and have just caught up with events on DCUK. What stands out for me is the way the lowcarbers have conducted themselves all showing admirable constraint in the face of the nasty vitriol from the opposing low fat camp.