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Wednesday 15 June 2011

Lowcarb Antis Proved Wrong Again !

Most people that have hung around diabetes forums have had the ACCORD study rammed down their throats by the lowcarb antis. More than a few forum threads have been titled “Lowering HbA1c Increases Mortality” or the like. A casual look at the ACCORD study by anyone half awake quickly reveals the obvious flaws. The trial ended early due to the subjects dropping like flies, mostly from heart attacks.

The reason was simple, they were treating the patients with a multi med regime and trying to force down HbA1c, add to that many of the participants had one foot in the grave before the trial even started. In short it was a disaster. Also.

“44.7% of subjects in the intensive-therapy group, as compared with 25.2% of patients in the standard-therapy group, received rosiglitazone [Avandia] just before the study transition date. According to the 2008 article summarizing the results of the ACCORD trial up to the point of protocol transition, 91.2% of subjects in the intensive-therapy group, as compared with 57.5% of patients in the standard-therapy group, had received rosiglitazone.”

“Coincidental? I think not. Not with the power GlaxoSmithKline wields with its huge advertising budget and its research grants. No media outlet is going to risk losing those full two- and three- page drug company spreads just to save the limbs, vision and kidneys of a bunch of fat old people with diabetes.”

Avandia is now banned in most countries, and Actos is going the same way. The best HbA1c for a diabetic is non diabetic and that is a very long way from the ridiculous NICE guidelines.



Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. The NICE guidelines are absolutely ridiculous.The numbers they talk of are much too high. The nearer you can get to a non diabetic reading just makes so much sense. Low carbing definitely DEFINITELY aids this.


Ali said...

Here y'are Ed - another study debunking the myths...