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Tuesday 7 June 2011

Meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies evaluating the association of sound dietary advice and the postings of Ally 5555.

Background: After three years and hundreds of postings from the dietition ally 5555 the postings were considered for relevance for the average diabetic, for those looking to lose weight, and the safe reduction of BG numbers, and any sound information whatsoever.

Objective: The objective of this meta-analysis was to summarize the evidence related to the aforementioned dietitions posts.

A full evaluation was made of hundreds of posts, and the value of the information was considered. By the way I’m a dietition, did I tell you I’m a dietition, did you know I’m a dietition, LOL LOL LOL, and not a diabetic, did you know Wales are playing on Saturday were omitted.

Conclusions: After thorough and exhaustive examination of the said dietitions posts, they were considered to be about as much use as a rubber beak on a woodpecker !



Anonymous said...

I'm lost for words you have her weighed up.

Lowcarb team member said...

Anonymous said...

7 June 2011 21:42
Anonymous said...
I'm lost for words you have her weighed up.

7 June 2011 22:53
Anonymous said...
I think that in order to fully appreciate one of Ally's posts, you've got to look beyond the actual words and pick up on the subtle symbolism hidden therewithin.

Firstly, there's the fact that every single sentence that Ally has ever written always contains exactly ten words. The number ten represents earthly completeness - clearly demonstrating that Ally is perfectly in tune with mother nature, and can, given favorable atmospheric conditions, also pick up Radio 2.

Secondly, Ally purports to be Welsh - a notoriously courageous race, blessed with an abundance of practical wisdom combined with a natural ability for deep thinking (stop laughing at the back). This means that Ally is clear headed and knows her own mind. And on numerous occasions she has courageously demonstrated just how clear her mind is.

Thirdly, the many references to Wales playing on Saturday are most likely to represent the fact that Wales are playing on Saturday. Not sure what they're playing or where, but at least we know who and when.

And Finally, contrary to popular belief, the 'LOLs' that frequent all of Ally's posts don't actually represent outward laughter, but rather they symbolize the secret inner tears that we all cry for the wasted time that we appear to have spent repeatedly finding out that some $£%$£ $%^$£ *&%£ doesn't have diabetes and is a dietitian.

I'm signing this off with an 'X'. Not just because I know how much it hacks everyone off, but because 'X' represents an unknown quantity - and you will always leave an Ally5555 post knowing slightly less than before you started reading it.