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Tuesday 28 June 2011

Just when I thought could not get anymore ridiculous !

From the administrator.
“Canuck1950 - please follow forum policy; you can discuss extreme low carbing but promotion of it isn't allowed. For more information, please see the forum policy and ethos at the top of every board”

Good grief it beggars belief. For three years the resident dietition and the clique have pedalled garbage, but when a Doctor and type two diabetic tries to promote a method of control that has lead to the salvation of countless diabetics it’s a no no.

Welcome to the crazy world of diabetes.



Anonymous said...

The dietition is she a member of the potato council?,looking at the claims she makes it appears the humble spud is a super food.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen Snurgers post about the wonders of the "Jugglers" course:

I think "Clowns" is a more appropriate name!

Just look at this bit:

"For your main meal, carbohydrates should take up about 33-40% of your total food consumption at each meal, along with about 40% vegetables (these do not add to your blood sugars)."

Isn't that promoting a HIGH carb diet?

As Richard Littlejohn would say "You couldn't make it up!"


Lowcarb team member said...

I’m thinking of promoting high carb and high med’s. Let the chimps eat the fodder and it will leave more quality food for us. It will keep the price down as well. If everyone ate quality food the price of our grub would go through the roof. Get that HFCS down ya. Don’t forget two thick slices of crusty white bread, it’s worked wonders for Kenny over the years.


Anonymous said...

“The forum should remain a place for discussion and debate for diabetic's with no status accorded other than those that moderate or Administer. That way no one member would be above any other. we certainly don't want to see members shouting "I AM RIGHT.' in their posts.........”

This from cugila who was forever shouting “I AM RIGHT” at anyone who dared contradict him.


Anonymous said...

Am I missing something? I thought a forum was about discussion. Surely only when you discuss and exchange views and ideas can ONE then digest facts and make up their OWN mind.

Without facts and viewpoints from ALL what does an individual know, at least make them available for us all to read.

Thank you