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Friday 24 June 2011

Just When I Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse !

I was looking forward to a lazy weekend. A spot of fishing or long walks down on the south coast. But the R and R might have to go on hold. Some good changes have been made at and the management are doing their best to improve the forum, or so I thought. Having a look over there this morning I was left speechless. Yes I know that doesn’t happen very often. Have a look at this idiocy.

A new member FishingForSouls had stated.

“I have managed to get my HBA1c down to 5.2%, Total/HDL cholesterol ratio down to 3.5, triglycerides down to 0.7 and blood pressure down 115/75.

I eat very low carb, moderate protein and high fat – animal fats, coconut cream, double cream in coffee, olive oil and butter but definitely no margarine.”

Fantastic numbers for a diabetic and far better than many non diabetics. What could be wrong with those numbers and positive good news. Well he/she was greeted with the usual cut and paste job for newbie’s. But FishingForSouls had said he/she was diagnosed four years before and felt the cut and paste job contained very high BG numbers and felt they were numbers he/she hoped never to see. End of story, err no.

A new moderator posted this.

“Hi FishingForSouls

The advice that daisy1 likes to post are only will find levels of blood sugars which will suit you. For instance my blood sugars shouldn't really go below 6 because i feel bad at that level so my guidelines by my consultant (who i have seen for the 14 years since my diagnosis) is to have my levels between 6 and 11 because that works for me.

You will find loads of good advice and lots of support on the forum.......everyone is different when it comes to what works for them!!!!!!!”
Another member posted this.

“Hi fishing for souls, welcome to us all here. Your health care team are working fron NICE rules 7.5[below] acceptable level. You are new to all this n it can and does feel overwhelming to begin with. What the others are trying to say is that for some they can feel really grotty being below 7.5 and their consultant gives them bit of flexibilty to find a more acceptable level they can feel better with. I myself feel awful when go below 7.7 as my body n system are so used to being a lot higher. Hope this reassures you? keep reading and learning as you feel you way along. Any thoughts or concerns just pop back to us with them, n we will try to help, as thats what we are here for. Anna.x HbA1c 9.7

What help will Anna and the new Mod be offering FishingForSouls ? Will they be offering advice that will lead to a bag full of med's, a dangerous HbA1c and an early grave ?



Anonymous said...

I wish they would actually read the posts of others before jumping in with patronising statements.

Someone with a dodgy keyboard, writes..

"You are new to all this n it can and does feel overwhelming to begin with".

If she had taken the time to read the OP's post, she would have noticed that the OP was diagnosed over 4 years ago and has excellent control.

I don't think I would want to take advice from a self confessed "B+" diabetic with an HBA1c of 9.7.

Anonymous said...

I really think Anna needs urgent help, An A1c of 9.7 works out at average BG levels of around 13mmol/L, just imagine how high she must be spiking.

Anonymous said...

The utter stupidity of Anna's post defies belief! It's obvious she hadn't read the original post.

Sid's was the usual stuff that doesn't warrant a reply.

What is truly amazing is the twee post from josie38 - "Thanx anna and sid". You'd think they'd written some profound words of wisdom rather than total garbage!!

How can you have a forum with a moderator who is unable, or unwilling to control her blood glucose?

Anonymous said...

"The utter stupidity of Anna's post defies belief! It's obvious she hadn't read the original post."

With BG levels like that maybe she can't see the OP!

Anonymous said...

Wont be long before someone will land a lawsuit on - giving out wrong and dangerous information, character assassination, etc.....sponsors wont be happy thats for sure.

Anonymous said...

You lot is really stupid have a looky at Anna's signiture. Low carbing obviously works wonders.