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Wednesday 8 June 2011

Diabetes spurs celebrity chef to cook up new recipes, way of life.

"Initially, I made some extreme changes, because that's my personality. I ate nothing but raw vegetables and fruit and lost 18 pounds. I'm still not a skinny guy. I'm 5-foot-11 and now weigh 197 pounds. I kept testing my blood and tried to figure out what made it better. Then I relaxed a little and now follow these guiding lights: No sugar, at all. No soda. I haven't touched a soda since I was diagnosed. I really watch my carbs, and have almost none. I do, however, eat a little rice, but I keep the portion small. And I may eat some pasta, but the low-carb kind. I also enjoy an occasional glass of red wine.",0,1454273.story

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Anonymous said...

The key in the early days is to keep testing see what your body can take/tolerate. We are all different. See what works for you. Thats what i did