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Tuesday 14 June 2011

The Grim Reality for too many Diabetics !

Lionel Larkman, who lost a limb to Type 1 diabetes, looks up at a 20-ft limb mountain made from mannequin limbs representing the 5000 people who lose limbs from diabetes every year in the UK. The structure was constructed in Trafalgar Square for the launch of Lloydspharmacy's Diabetes - are you at risk? campaign.


Dave P said...

According to the Orthodoxy we havnt got a leg to stand on either

Lowcarb team member said...

Only if we follow the standard NHS, DUK and ADA diets for diabetics.


Anonymous said...

Do shock tactics work? I'm not sure but we've got to do something to make people sit up and listen. It does no-one any good to sweep things under the carpet. It must surely make all of us low carbers more determined to spread the word.


Anonymous said...

Sue I think shock tactics do work. It certainly gets us talking. Fact should not be ignored.

I agree all of us low carbers should keep on spreading the word.