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Friday 10 June 2011

From anonymous or the diary of a madman/woman !

From a comment received today.

"quote: John] Few phenomena are 100% certain. However, NHS results indicate: On average Type 1 diabetics have a 20 year lower life expectancy. On average Type 2 diabetics have a 10 year lower life expectancy.[Unquote] On one hand you low carb fanatics complain about anything to do with the NHS, especially re diabetes) and on the other you take quotes from them and proudly present them on your blog just to prove a point and earn a brownie point. Two things you have or fail to realise in your haste though: 1) I have spoken to Ka-Mon and the results he wrote about was 2 hours after meals and NOT after 1 Hour as you want to make unaware people believe. So in other words, you are wrong...again. 2) since when does the average of 20 and 10 equal 20? Any of you took maths lessons in school? Reading your rants, one might believe that you banked school all of your lives. [quote: John]on average a 20 year reduction in life expectancy[Unquote] Any of you know what "average" means bu any chance? I just can't make my mind up if you are laughable or brain dead but once thing is for certain, there definitely IS something WRONG with the lot of you. I know, I know, of course you will not publish this posting but don't matter, I know that you will read it at least and that makes all the difference to me. LOL LOL LOL An "Old Friend". PS: Yes, that potato is well "worth it" if it means that I don't become a hateful so'n'so like you sock-puppets. PPS: Eddie, ONLY 6 followers on your blog, would that be the same 6 sock-puppets who commented on your Youtube video? You ain't doing good are you me old mate! LOL LOL LOL PPPS: I'd chose Jopar anytime over you bunch of cranks."


Anonymous said...

The author of this rant appears totally deranged, "Diary of a Madman" is a very fitting title to the post.


Anonymous said...

Damaged ego, booze and too few calories = stark raving bonkers!!

beautiful bernard said...

I've seen this guy around before
Wearing just a cheeky smile
I put my frozen chicken down
And ran a country mile

He hiss and spat and snarled at me
He seemed quite full of rage
But the police arrived at Tesco
And they put him in a cage

Before his treatment started
His rants were full of barbs
But they found out what was wrong with him
His meals were full of carbs