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Wednesday 15 June 2011

A High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet Explosion Happening In Sweden.

As low-carb books and resources climb to the top of the bestsellers charts there, the gig is up on companies who have relied on the low-fat diet being “heart healthy.” One such company is the UK-based Unilever, the largest manufacturer of margarine in Sweden and around the world. Since the debate over fat became a national issue for discussion last year, sales of margarine have tanked. And just like in America, Unilever has been placing the “heart healthy” symbol on their products for years in a cozy multi-million dollar deal with the Heart-Lung Foundation, Sweden’s equivalent of the American Heart Association.

But not anymore.

The Heart-Lung Foundation has now terminated their relationship with Unilever because of their concerns over the limited scientific support that margarine is healthier than the saturated-fat-filled butter. As Dr. Eenfeldt notes, this is a “big blow for Unilever” who has relied on the public perception that their products are healthy for consumers to market them. Now what are they gonna say to people who are no longer fearful of fat?  Words of Jimmy Moore

Jonas Colting lowcarb world class athlete no sign of scurvy, osteoporosis for this man.


Anonymous said...

Great picture, definitely no signs of scurvy, osteoporosis here! Seriously High Fat, Low carb is happening everywhere and not before time. Keep spreading the word you just know it makes good sense. Anne

Anonymous said...

You mustn't keep showing my picture!!

PS Wife says WOW (don't know what she means)

Seriously another good item, thanks

Anonymous said...

If it can happen in Sweden it can happen here.

Low carb/High Fat
High Fat/Low Carb

Whatever way you look at it it just makes sense.

And I know some people think its boring but as we low carbers know it isn't. Just look at the recipes here and on the web site.

One book I find in-valuable is the Collins gem Calorie Counter. It is set out simply and clearly. If you're not too sure about something just check out some items on this blog. Ask a question I'm sure someone will answer it.

We all want to spread the word.

Good luck everyone

G. Mac.