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Sunday 19 June 2011

The Mysterious story of Wrunkelt and Millymole and the Clique.

Over the weekend the forum has been very interesting to observe. Two new members have posted some excellent items. The newcomers were immediately attacked by the clique. The clique comprises of former moderators Cugila and Sugarless Sue, Ka-Mon, Noblehead, Catherinecherub, Ally, Jopar, Sid Bonkers et al. The clique believe they have sole discretion in what gets posted on “their forum” especially where matters of diet and especially articles on saturated fats. Some of the clique are low fat low carb. They usually work in a pack.

For any active low carber a low carb low fat diet is totally unsustainable in the medium and long term. Over the Easter weekend a Dr.Jay Wortman a low carb expert and himself a type two diabetic joined the forum. He pointed out the fact that the low carb low fat diet being promoted by the now ex moderators and the clique was a non runner in the long term. He was right of course. How can you drastically reduce a food group carbs and do the same with fats ? That only leaves the third major food group of protein. I have done the math and consuming a typical diet for a fit and active man say 2500 calories it does not stack up. No normal person would want to consume the protein required to get to 2500 calories. Jay was banned, labelled a troll and his posts deleted.

Some good came from Jays banning. When the facts came to light, the moderators were demoted to the rank of ordinary members. Unfortunately the lunacy continues. After a series of threads being thread locked, mostly due to the antics of the clique. The clique using every tactic to disrupt the forum and get their clique commander in chief reinstated (not a chance) the mayhem continues.

Ken and Sue must have been stunned to see the Wrunkelt and Millymole names being used by the newcomers. The reason, because they were the troll names they used to bring disruption and mayhem to the lowcarb forum Yes, you read that right, as acting forum mods on one forum, they were elsewhere pushing the sort of dietary idiocy the clique are promoting at The clique are up to their old game of posting post after post, working as a team to discredit the newcomers and enforce their unsustainable diets on the forum members. Not so long ago banning and deletion of any post that did not sit well with the clique was the norm, but not any more I hope.

The clique are convincing no-one, their predatory tactics are futile, they have been seen for what they are. Cugila has shown to all he was a disgrace as forum moderator and an even bigger disgrace as a forum member. I cannot believe that the new moderators have been blind to what has been going on over the last few weeks. I hope they will allow an open debate, and allow others who are not part of the clique to tell their story and post any item that falls within the forum rules.



Anonymous said...

As a low carb member of the forum I have had experience's of the "clique", there are six or seven of them that regularly post derisive remarks aimed at low carbers. They have obviously nothing to offer as an alternative to low carb except some vague mutterings about low gi, if it was that good surely they should be doing more to promote their way.

Anonymous said...

You really are pathetic Eddy, I low carb just not as low as you that is why I dont need to eat the amount of fat you do, my diabetes is well controlled, why do you find that so hard to accept.

Grow up man.


Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Sid thanks for your comment, nice to keep a line of communication open between us and the clique. I will be posting more on the low carb low fat diet soon, and I am sure it will be of interest to you low fat low carb guys.

By the way, I am not the new and much reformed Wrunkelt, although I am flattered to think you feel I am capable of his/her posts.

One more thing, what a performance by the clique over the weekend, a real credit to the diabetes community. You have to ask yourself one thing, maybe low fat can lead to serious mental problems, if not, at the very least, very poor judgement.

Until we talk again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Eddie, boy did you get a bloody good kicking over the weekend, can you sit down again? LOL

clique = 2
Eddie = 0

Can't wait for you post your drivel again, I'll make that 3 - 0 to the clique because you haven't got a leg to stand on against the "clique". They are too clever for you and can spot and stop you a mile away.

You haven't got the brain to take on the "clique" and win Eddie, the fat you scoff has turned it in to piece of dead jelly.

Do you see the way they stick and stand together and kick your butt? The strategy they have must be ingenious. They are your worst nightmare come true Eddie boy.

Go on, give us another larf and post your drivel again so that we can watch them kick your butt from here to kingdom come. LOL LOL LOL

Come on the CLIQUE.

An "Old Friend";-)

Lowcarb team member said...

Hello old friend. I promised you a post once per week and that’s your lot until next week.

On your way back to the rubber Ramada could you have a word with Ken. He seems to be losing the plot completely. I am becoming very worried for him, and more convinced by the hour, lack of quality fats in the diet can have catastrophic consequences.


Anonymous said...


I am not a low carber...or a low fatter...but I have a very healthy life with my diabetes for a very long time....I am a member of the 'clique' that you refer to....but I am bemused that you rubbish every single person believing them to be following either you, or either the others that you so vindictively malign.
To be quite honest, I have had a huge support from everybody on there...I don't honestly know why you need to get so involved with people that you obviousy do not respect their opinions of.
Perhaps, you should just stay away and concentrate on just your own blogspot, as boy it needs some other details other than what is going on in the diabetic forum.
I think that your comments will be leading you in to deep trouble...I am a lawyer and I will definitely be contacting these persons that you continue to malign and advising them.
I am a lawyer with diabetes, and your comments are no longer within legal realms, and if your persistence continues I will personally give my time to the other forum that you persist with on a free of charge basis....

Anonymous said...

As a diabetic person who is also solicitor I have offered to give any legal advice and to act for them to stop your contemptuous, vindictive and maligning comments about members of the forum.

I hope that you will now have the decency to stop your postings and to concentrate on providing persons that are genuinely interested in your blog, genuine factual advice.

You should also take the time to remove all comments refering to these persons and names off your blogspot immediately and to issue an apology.

Lowcarb team member said...

Go for it, make my day.


Johnty bloomer said...

Sitefinders (the people behind are successful pioneers in natural and social targeted traffic and can afford proper top-drawer solicitors. Why would they go with some second-rate wannabes? I think that you should apologise to both Eddie's blog team and Sitefinders Net Ltd for wasting their precious time with your idle bluster.

Anonymous said...

Blimey, is everyone a lawyer on

I'm not sure on what basis these legal threats are being made to Eddie?

Also, by posting these threats anonymously you are sailing very close to breaching a number of the core duties of the Solicitors Code of Conduct (assuming that you are solicitors).

Also, are you professing to act for a party without having been instructed? What do your insurers have to say about that?

Lastly, to the person saying that they will be "definitely be contacting these persons that you continue to malign and advising them".

That means you ARE purporting to be a solicitor, (as Members of the Bar can only in certain circumstances be instructed by non-solicitors)which means you would appear, in addition to my points above, to be in breach of rule 7.03 of the Code - "You must not publicise your firm or practice by making unsolicited approaches in person or by telephone to a member of the public."

Of course you may not be 'lawyers' at all which means then that as you are effectively 'holding out to be solicitors' when you are not, then there is a real risk that you are committing a criminal offence?

Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes; but for real bona fide stupidity, nothing beats teamwork. -- Mark Twain


wiflib said...

See that tumbleweed?......................