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Wednesday 8 June 2011

The Sad Decline of Contributions to the Diabetes.Co.UK Forum.

Those who have been around the UK diabetic forums for a few years will remember the intellectual rigour of postings by Fergus, Dennis, Timo, Trinkswasser and many, many others. Where are they now? Now there is a complete lack of awareness of the seriousness of the diabetic condition. Instead there are postings of the type "I am going to allow live a normal lifestyle". Fairly typical are the following quotes from a Ka-Mon who seems to have taken the role of Jopar (with better spelling!)

"Some people seem to think that non-diabetic BG levels must be around 5mmol before and after meals, which of course, as we know, is a load of BS."

Most non-diabetic BG levels will be in the 4 -6 mmol/L two hours after a meal.

"They are also 100% sure that diabetes run the risk of complications if their a1c levels are higher than 5% mmol, which we also know that is a load of BS."

Few phenomena are 100% certain. However, NHS results indicate:
On average Type 1 diabetics have a 20 year lower life expectancy.
On average Type 2 diabetics have a 10 year lower life expectancy.

There is a wealth of evidence to indicate that rising HbA1c is highly associated with diabetic complications and death.

"I personally have tested every member of my family and some friends as well whom are all non-diabetics and their BG levels after meals were ALL in the 6s, 7s and some were even in the’s which proves to me that those who claim that we must at all times have BGs in the 5's either don't know what they are talking about or are deliberately scaring people to......whatever, God only knows what or why."

Non-diabetic BG levels one hour after a meal can rise to 7 to 8 mmol/L or even higher but will quickly reduce to the 4 – 6 mmol/L two hours after the meal.

Now what was depressing about these quotes was not the ignorance but the deafening silence from the forum. Where were the usual suspects – sulking?

I have no trouble in any diabetic dealing with his/her diabetes in any manner of his/her choosing. What I do care about is trying to improve the dreadful NHS results. However, for those of the Ka-Mon ilk.
You might be lucky but on average a 20 year reduction in life expectancy is that potato worth it?

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Anonymous said...

[quote: John]
Few phenomena are 100% certain. However, NHS results indicate:
On average Type 1 diabetics have a 20 year lower life expectancy.
On average Type 2 diabetics have a 10 year lower life expectancy.[Unquote]

On one hand you low carb fanatics complain about anything to do with the NHS, especially re diabetes) and on the other you take quotes from them and proudly present them on your blog just to prove a point and earn a brownie point.

Two things you have or fail to realise in your haste though:

1) I have spoken to Ka-Mon and the results he wrote about was 2 hours after meals and NOT after 1 Hour as you want to make unaware people believe.

So in other words, you are wrong...again.

2) since when does the average of 20 and 10 equal 20?

Any of you took maths lessons in school? Reading your rants, one might believe that you banked school all of your lives.

[quote: John]on average a 20 year reduction in life expectancy[Unquote]

Any of you know what "average" means bu any chance?

I just can't make my mind up if you are laughable or brain dead but once thing is for certain, there definitely IS something WRONG with the lot of you.

I know, I know, of course you will not publish this posting but don't matter, I know that you will read it at least and that makes all the difference to me. LOL LOL LOL

An "Old Friend".

PS: Yes, that potato is well "worth it" if it means that I don't become a hateful so'n'so like you sock-puppets.

PPS: Eddie, ONLY 6 followers on your blog, would that be the same 6 sock-puppets who commented on your Youtube video? You ain't doing good are you me old mate! LOL LOL LOL

PPPS: I'd chose Jopar anytime over you bunch of cranks.

Anonymous said...

How did this lunatic ever mod a forum ?

Anonymous said...

I have just had my average BG from my GP for the past 3 months which is 5.6. I have followed the low carb advice and have seen a huge improvement in my health with little medication needed. Anyone following the official advice given to new type 2 diabetics the must be mad. Go to low carb and see the improvement.

frankweir said...

Anyone who would write such an angry screed AND refuse to give his name should be completely ignored. The post is totally without value. Why risk your life over potatoes? The science is very clear to ANYONE who uses a glucometer and gets a regular A1C reading. They are common here in the U.S. Do diabetics use meters there? Testing is essential.