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Saturday 25 June 2011

The low gi/low fat diet.

"So, if as you say there is no one size fits all solution to blood glucose management, why is low gi/low fat so wrong?"

This came in as a comment and I thought it was worth a new thread or topic. I tried low gi at diagnosis, it helped BG reduce, but 12 was still an average number for me. The same applies to other type two no meds/metformin users I know, including four of the people who write on this blog. To give an idea how sensitive we are to carbs, one slice of white bread will have us all into double figures if consumed for breakfast. For many a carb is still a carb whether low gi or not. The time can vary to reach a peek BG reading, but peak it does, and it is too high for us.

When putting that argument forward in the past, people have often said, ah, but it's all down to portion sizes. Well the portion sizes for many, would need to be so small, they would be at almost starvation level. The beauty of lowcarb, based on many different lowcarb vegetables, then add the proteins and fats is it's so easy to control. I don't eat anything with more than 5-6 grams of carb per 100 grams. I don't count calories these days. It becomes automatic after a while, if you have done a lot of testing in the early days. We know exactly what we can eat and keep low numbers, and we certainly know what will take us not only into and unacceptably high numbers, but also and very importantly, how long we would stay at the number. We would be into complication inducing territory for far too long.

I have just found a gi site that looks very nice and has some recipes I could use, but many recipes contain a whole days carb allowance for me and are a no no. Perhaps the site is not a fair indicator of a low gi diet. If not, please give me some better sites or food lists. Fats, well none of us have any problem with the right fats, and see no reason whatsoever to go low fat. We could not go to 50 carbs per day maximum and go low fat. Others say they can, but no-one has ever proved to me it can be done or have never produced a daily or weekly food sheet. To say low fat low gi could never work would be ridiculous, but for how many ? Very few I think. How do you do it ?Thank you for the comment.



Anonymous said...

There are some recipes on this site that would work for me. I base my whole day around 40 to 50 carbs, nearer 40 most days.

Usually I choose the vegetables, then add some meat or fish. Again using recipes I've found here especially the strawberry sponge cake, delicious, I have no trouble with my daily 40/50 carbs.

I find "this works for me"


Anonymous said...

I looked at some of the recipes and I agree with Sarah. Some would be all right for me, if I chose carefully.

In time you do get to know the best for you, but when first diagnosed you must experiment and see the number of carbs and which recipess/meals are best.

I can remember it is confusing to start with but your web site helped me and I'm sure it is helping others.

Mary P