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Friday 24 June 2011

Permanently Banned From

Tonight I tried to log in at under my wife’s name, Janet Kay. Only one post had ever been posted under this name. The post.

When considering the low-fat low-carb diet I believe it is impossible for an active person in the long term. I have proved this for myself. When I started low carbing and back in those days three years ago, I had no understanding of healthy fats, I was on a low carb low fat diet of around 1300-1500 calories a day. Like so many I believed that fats were dangerous and to be feared. My BG numbers fell to non diabetic within days and the weight started to fall off at the rate of around 20 lbs per month. Great what more could I want. The problem came around the forth month. I had gone from a 40” waist to 32” lost over 50lbs fantastic, but my weight kept dropping. I was beginning to look very ill, friends and family wanted to know was it the diabetes that was making ill, one friend asked did I have cancer. I was facing a huge dilemma.

I wanted to stay low carbing, my HbA1c had gone from 12 to 5.4 within three months. My second full bloods tests after three months of diagnoses showed not only a huge reduction in HbA1c but improvement in almost every other area. My Doctor was totally amazed at the changes, (it was beyond his experience) I had made in such a short time. After some thought and a little research I realised I had to turn to fats. I was still eating the same protein I had ate all my life and did not want to start eating huge amounts of protein to increase the calories I needed to maintain a good weight.

I discovered there was good fats and dangerous fats. That much of the processed food I had used before low carbing contained trans fats and other ingredients that were unhealthy. I learned the fats in natural foods such as avocado, olives, nuts, seeds, butter and cream were safe and in fact fat in the diet is essential. I did not go over the top with fats I did not need to. I now know that fat has over twice the calories as carbs and protein and it was easy with some tweaking here and there to get back to a food intake that controlled my diabetes and my weight. Three years on I have never had a HbA1c out of the fives and I am happy with my weight. I use around 2300-2500 calories a day. I live a very active life, some days working over 10 hours. I appreciate others for various reasons do not require my level of calories. The attached link may be useful for members.

The response.

You have been permanently banned from this board.

Please contact the Board Administrator for more information.

A ban has been issued on your username.

 So, the gloves can come off. The post I made was within the forum rules. But any post from a banned person is not allowed. Dangerous rubbish can be posted all day long, as long as you curtail to the management.


Anonymous said...

Ediie wrote:"Any post by a banned person is not allowed"

Hahaha.......Anyone who believes they can still post after getting banned has to be a low-carb high-fat eating fat fer brains idiot.....what do you think BANNED means you dum arse?

Anothet two points today for the CLIQUE...

I make that 6 - NIL, or do you want a recount? LOL LOL LOL

An "Old Friend". ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh...I forgot!



Anonymous said...

That's why God made proxy I.Ps, Eddie.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE: "Anonymous said...
Well I have continued to monitor the jokers, the evil gang are still very much around, more often online than off. Sugarless Sue and cugila still very much around, though not posting themselves, I guess just to monitor posts, then to instruct sock puppets on how to respond. Whats really changed?
All too much for poor sparkles, Ailz, Shy Girl, the three of them badly in need of support they are being driven underground by a whole set of control freak idiots.
Dont be fooled, Dan is still around, and Benedict is right up his a**e if you ask me, or do you imagine for one single moment that Dan and Benedict are slugging it out in the office same as the members of the clique do with the nice, sensible posters in the open forum?
Lets not be naive, please.
It has been said before, I will say it again, Eddie, Graham, Karen, please, oh please give us low carbers a new forum where we can get information, hold open debate, get support, please give it some serious thought."

I totally agree with this posters opinion.

No surprises there Eddie, these people are just there to feed their egos, not so much to help fellow diabetics to lead as healthy a life as is possible.

As for your inclusion of the song 'stand my me' I can assure you that support for you is stronger than ever before.

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi old friend. I guess I will have to use one of my many other names and Ip addresses. Two posts from you in a week here, and people say I'm a hard nut. Eddie

Anonymous said...

Old friend you have shown your true qualities? again, and in doing so have scored another spectacular own goal for the clique, so make that 7 - 0 to the thicket (oops sorry meant to say the clique)

Your old mate