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Monday 27 June 2011

Great Grub For A Hot Summer Night.

Not really a recipe but a little tip and a good food idea. Driving around London today the last thing I wanted to eat was hot food tonight. At one point today I saw 31c on my car outside temperature gauge. So tonight’s grub spicy salmon with a nice salad.

If you go to the Sainsbury fresh fish counter they offer a nice free of charge service. Select your fresh  fish and choose from a very nice range of free cooking sauces. The fish and sauce are placed in sealed oven proof bag. Cook as per instructions and save the sauce. Allow to cool, pour the retained sauce over the fish and serve cold with a mixed salad. For me that's a great plate of lowcarb food, enjoy !



Anonymous said...

We're having sea bass fillets fried in butter + salad drizzled with Catalonian (Arbequina) EV.olive oil.

I find most olive oils, whatever the price, leave an unpleasant after taste. This one doesn't, it has a lovely nutty flavour.

Got to wait for it though, my wife teaches belly dancing so we won't be home until 9.30.


PS. I know that only a minority detect that taste in olive oil - it's a tastebud thing.

Anonymous said...

I'd half the tomato and spring onion and double up on the lettuce. I'd be concerned about sauces unless I could see the nutritional break down.

For me you can't beat poach salmon with some lemon mayonnaise. Or some sea bass pan fried with some warmed through garlic, ginger and chili over the top, Yum!

Anonymous said...

Spanish olive oil is the best, although I shouldn't be equating Catalonia with Spain really...

wiflib said...

What! No potato?

you'll get scurvy


Anonymous said...

Lovely looking plate of salad, I agree perfect for warm summer lunch or dinner.

Mary P

Anonymous said...

Add a few strips of red, green, yellow or orange peppers, sliced cucumber, drizzle with dressing, olive oil and sprinkle with lots of fresh finely chopped herbs.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, a very nice salad.


Perhaps a few more ought to be eating food like this, you only have to look around when you go out, my apologies if that sounds a bit nasty - but it's true

wiflib said...

Not nasty at all Doug. Difficult to judge though as some of the appalling choices may be a rare treat for some.
I'm finding it easier and easier to get the food I want when eating out, although some get a bit frustrated when I'm checking whats in the dressings and sauces!
I remember going to a fairly upmarket chain of restaurants a few years back and asking for the pan-fried salmon, large mixed salad with a vinagrette dressing. The waiter blinked a few times and said that was not on the menu. I told him it was, just in different bits. He went off to check with the chef! I got my salmon and very nice it was too, but I just couldn't eat the large handful of dry rocket leaves dumped on the plate next to it.
The best reaction I get is when I ask for my bacon to be fried, not grilled and could I have more butter please.
Food heaven.