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Tuesday 7 June 2011

I rest my case !



Anonymous said...

Iv'e just read that, post when I saw the 50% carbs it got me thinking are they using Ally5555 as the consultant dietician?

Anonymous said...

Ah, Ally the patron saint of big pharma and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Is Ka-mon Kens son ?

Anonymous said...

The forum is rapidly dividing into those who haven't a clue what Ken's on about, and those who really don't care what Ken's on about.
I guess it's also possible to have a foot in both camps.

I'm not sure what the management at will think of Ken et al. using their valuable server space for such vindictive nonsense. A de-modding could quickly turn into an outright ban if he's not very careful.

So much for getting on and helping diabetics. :roll eyes:

The other Brian said...

Ka-mon appears to have quite a posting repertoire. One day it's irate and dismal, the next it's ill-tempered and dreary.