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Tuesday 28 June 2011

Great grub tonight !

OK a cheat. Waitrose Charlie Bighams's ready meal, Thai green chicken curry, ten carbs per portion. A high carb meal for me, but I'm feeling lazy. After a very lowcarb breakfast and only a packet of nuts for lunch, it still keeps me well below 50 carbs for the day. The meal tastes fabulous, highly recommended.



Anonymous said...

Quick put on some cauliflower rice, only takes a few minutes, one minute grating in the food processor, 5 mins on high in the microwave. season with salt, pepper or little bit of bouillon powder and butter, oh heaven!

Anonymous said...

Oh a little cheat every now and again doesn't do any harm, as long as you keep an eye on your overall carb intake which you did.

I must say this looks a great cheat.

Anonymous said...

Love the taste of Thai style and this looks very tasty.

Good idea for the cauli rice as well.

Will look out for it when next in Waitrose.


PS Does anyone know if any of the other supermarkets sell this?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic looking meal and whats wrong with a cheat now and again.

Anonymous said...

Just eaten this tonight it's really tasty. I would definitely recommend it.

Well done Charlie Bigham


Anonymous said...

Glenys I'm not sure if other supermarkets stock this, although I'm sure they do. Budgens might if you have a store near you.
But I did notice its on special offer at Waitrose at the moment so if you have one near you go and get some now, it's an excellent time to try this.