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Wednesday 22 June 2011

Comment on a comment from Sid.

“Hi Eddie, as a member of this so called 'clique' you are so fond of bloging about I thought I might try to put the record straight one last time on who and what I am.

I low carb, yes shock horror I am a low carber and I would guess that every well controlled T2 diabetic is as well, the only point on which we seem to differ is that I don’t eat as low a carb diet as you so I don’t need to consume high fat, why is that so bad that you have to constantly snipe at myself and others all the time. I care not what you do or don’t eat and if your control is good then great, you must be doing something right, why cant you have the grace to accept that I might just be doing something right also?”



I have stated many times I believe it is impossible for an active person to go low carb and low fat in the long term. I stand by that statement. Firstly let me state what I consider to be low carb. For me and many others, that is a carb range from 30 to 50 grams of carb per day. At that level of carb and if we can agree low fat is half the daily recommended, this seems to vary between 70 and 90 grams depending on the source. Let’s call low fat 50% of 80 grams i.e. 40 grams of fats per day. Thus 40 grams of fat provide 40 x 9 = 360 calories. Let’s split the difference on the carbs i.e. 40 grams. Thus 40 x 4 =160 calories. So far a total of 520 calories. It is widely accepted the average active man not looking to lose weight, requires approximately 2500 calories per day. 2500 - 520 = 1980 calories. To make up the difference using food from the only major food group left, protein is a non starter for most people, although possibly not impossible. Think about it, if you up the protein with meat, fish, eggs, etc. you are automatically upping the fats. There are of course some exceptions you, Ken, Sue and others. Let’s take a look at your situations as I understand them.

You and Ken took early retirement due to ill health. The last time Sue and I were on speaking terms she was working one night per week. Also I think it is fair to say all of you spend a lot of time on computers and live a sedentary lifestyle. Sue stated recently that she and Ken were trying to lose weight. I can see some people have no need for the average calorie consumption. But are you, Ken and Sue a fair guide as to what constitutes as the average person ? In my opinion no. Type two diabetes was once thought of as an old persons disease, we are now seeing teenagers as type two diabetics. They hopefully will have many years of work in front of them, and it ain’t gonna work on a thousand calories or thereabouts a day.

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FredT said...

For some of us, your 2500 C/day is a bit high.
I am 62 years old, 178Cm high, 92-94 Kg, and gain weight on 1500C/day. Go figure. Efficiency of digestion and utilization vary considerably, as does conversion to energy efficiency. My activity may also be lower than average.
Cunningham found 22 C/kg of lean mass, includes fidgeting and sedentary life. Exercise, has to be added.
BMI = 20, H=1.78, LBM=63.4, C/day = 1400, plus exercise. If I want a BMI=20, I should be eating total < 1400 C/day, 40 gm carbs, 65 gm protein, remainder fat. Period.

Who ever came up with 2500 C/day is thinking everyone does a lot of work. Not real today.

Keep up the good fight.