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Saturday 25 June 2011

High, Medium and Low GI Foods.

Check out many of the foods regarded as low gi. Ludicrous for any well controlled minimal med's diabetic.



Anonymous said...

The trouble with all this GI nonsense is that people forget, whether High or Low GI, those carbohydrates still need to be digested.

The longer a carbohydrate takes to digest, the longer one has high levels of insulin running around your body. As diabetics, we should know that insulin is equally as damaging to the body.

Anonymous said...

To be fair to the list you can take what you need from it. I use low GI/GL lists all the time, although I rarely go above 40-50g of carbs a day. Low GI/GL as part of a low carb diet is very useful. Having said that low carb veggies are low GI anyway.