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Tuesday 28 June 2011 Stretching Credible Beyond The Extreme !

Hi all, I got home tonight after a long hard day. Booted up the computer and had a look around. What do I see. A truly mind blowing post from the management at

“Latest moderator to be announced is anna29 - who will be mainly helping those in the Greetings and Newly Diagnosed forums”

“We've received several more applications and are looking to have a team of 8-12 moderators. So still a few more moderators to be announced. If you'd like to be a moderator, please PM me”

So, Anna a diabetic with an HbA1c of 9.7 “who will be mainly helping those in the Greetings and Newly Diagnosed forums” what drugs are the management of on, we need to be told !



Anonymous said...

Dan & Benedict have shares in Co-op Funeral Services maybe?
This forum goes from bad to worse - a newbie obviously being given the usual peptalk on eating carbs with every meal offering a good recipe for banana chocolate muffins. The moderator advoses to post it in the recipe section? Hello??
Another type 2 diabetic, full of pride because she has managed to give herwself the first insulin shot, the whole tribe celebrate. From tablets to insulin, anything to be proud of?? Not in my book it isnt. Eddie if you or any of us, your cohorts LOL hqad been around the new insulin user would most probably have gone from tablets to no tablets or minimum tablets at the very least.

I was cautiously hopeful when Ken and Sue got the boot, had some faith in Benedict. Now look what happened.
Administrators and clique a set of muffins!! And I am being gentle.

Anonymous said...

It's a devious plan.

They are anticipating that your concern for fellow diabetics will come to the fore and you will plead for "YouKnowWho" to be returned. Immediately you do so, so shall it be.

Anonymous said...

The poor woman needs help and is certainly not equipped to moderate. Only a few months ago she asked "What does insulin do?"

She is in for tough times and has just waltzed into it.

Poor thing!!

Lowcarb team member said...

This sounds very big headed, but I will make no apology. I have honestly lost count of how many diabetics I have helped get to an HbA1c in the fives. ban me at every opportunity, work it out, I can't.


Anonymous said...

12 Mods, that will be one mod for each active member. 30000 members but only a handful ever post.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Anna is a nice person but is she the right person to moderate?

Her HbA1c is way way too high (as is Josie's I feel)

I can only hope that they read this blog, take in the excellent information it contains and start following some good advice to get their HbA1c down. Surely they must realise the damage these too high figures will be doing, not only now, but in the long term.

I for one want to live as long and healthy as I can to keep enjoying my life, family and friends. I fear their figures may well minimise their future in being part of their family and friends life.

It does surely cause concern that those at do not appear to want to make people aware of what are good figures, that every diabetic should strive for, and those that are not. It should be clearly stated aim for non diabetic levels. Readings of 9 and above are not acceptable.

Come on Anna and Josie do something about those high readings, when you do I'm sure you'll get all the respect you will then deserve.


PS Come on wake up to bad readings, you are not doing any of your readers any favours.