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Thursday 16 June 2011

Cameron “many people with diabetes find it an embarrassing illness and something they don’t want to talk about"

Prime Minister David Cameron replied: “I will certainly support this campaign. I think my honourable friend makes an extremely good point which is that many people with diabetes find it an embarrassing illness and something they don’t want to talk about, and yet it’s affecting more and more people. I think we have to find a way of encouraging more people to come forward and say there’s nothing abnormal or wrong about this"

Hi Dave I don’t find it embarrassing and I’ll talk about diabetes.

If you really want to improve the NHS why don’t you take on big pharma and stop them falsifying trial data, coercing Doctors to prescribe drugs that don’t work and kill people. How about forcing food manufactures to put a health warning on foods that are causing the epidemics in obesity, type two diabetes, heart disease and a hundred other serious illnesses !

Diabetes rates are set to double in a few years, how about re-educating the Doctors and Nurses and Dietitions to at least the level of the average diabetic who has spent a few hours on a good diabetes forum. Set up courses, out of normal working hours at Colleges and Night Schools teaching diabetics how to cook and prepare real food that will bring down BG numbers far better than expensive and very often dangerous medication.

If you really want to save a fortune, give every newly diagnosed diabetic a BG meter and five hundred test strips per month for the first six months, thereafter 50 per month. It will save the state a fortune in reduced amputations, kidney dialysis and blindness. The savings in junk meds and welfare payments will be monumental compared to the cost of life saving education and test strips.

Get the medics to stop telling people that diabetes is always progressive, there are far too many people walking around in their seventies and eighties who have had diabetes for fifty years and still living an active and good quality life.

The relaxing of the NICE HbA1c guidelines will prove to be a massive mistake, how could anyone believe it will improve outcomes for diabetics ?


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Anonymous said...

I agree the relaxing of the NICE guidlines is a terrible mistake, they are recommending truly dreadful numbers. We have got to educate people and open their eyes (no pun intended) otherwise the way ahead for a lot of diabetics is amputations, kidney dialysis, and blindness. BUT it does not have to be this way. Stop pushing things under the carpet, openly discuss things and maybe we can improve the lot of not only diabetics but others too.
Keep talking, writing and spreading the word.If us diabetics don't do it who will?