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Saturday 25 June 2011

Help her Sid !

Sid instead of wasting your time here perhaps you should consider the plight of Anna who has got big problems, an A1c of 9.7 is not a safe place for any diabetic as I'm sure you'll agree. This is a time to put our differences aside, a fellow diabetic is in need of help and as one of the banned I am not in a situation were I can have a say. You can help her Sid she needs to realise the dangers of high BG levels, it may be that it's related to other factors besides diabetes but she needs to be aware of the consequences. Graham

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Anonymous said...

Sid, like us all I'm sure you are welcome here, after all we all must try to work together to help each other out. I agree with Graham, Anna's reading (and also Josie's) are not in my opinion healthy ones. Even if there are other health problems that we are not aware of surely it is up to us all to let them know what are good numbers so they do not run the risk of complications.