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Saturday 11 June 2011

In another life part two.

The thick end of thirty-five years ago, I worked as a service engineer for a company based in Lowestoft. It was a small up and coming company and a great firm to work for. The company was doing well, and decided to replace our ancient and way over the hill cars for brand new vehicles. I got an Astra estate 1600, the first new car I had ever driven. We were told to look after our new cars, and I remember driving back to London with super tramp on the stereo playing Long Way Home, motoring nirvana for me back then.

A few weeks later while standing outside head office, next to the Managing Director Bob and Sales Director Gerry, one of my friends the engineering manager drove into the car park with the front of his new car smashed to bits, it was a miracle it was still running.

“Good grief Ray” said the Sales Director “what happened” Ray replied I was driving down the A11 at some speed and a huge pheasant flew strait into the front of my car. To which the Sales Director cried, “geez was it frozen“, the MD immediately responded with. “To do that much damage it must have been hanging up in a butchers front window” I laughed until my insides ached and still laugh to this day. Good times indeed. I miss those guys.


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Anonymous said...

I remember my first company car was a Cavalier, thankfully I didn't have any trouble with pheasants!

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