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Sunday 12 June 2011

A Must Watch Video. How Bad Science and Big Business Created the Obesity Epidemic


Lowcarb team member said...

Thank you to Ali for emailng me this link.


AliB said...

You're welcome Ed. It's a jolly good lecture.

Isn't the fight to get the low-carb message out there a bit like this poor guy who was fined for NOT riding in the bike lane because of the obstacles.....

Anonymous said...

This is a great link Ali. Thanks Eddie for including it in your great blog.

Keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

This is an eyeopener!!

Thanks G Mc

Ray said...

Now we need the gainsayers at a certain forum, and elsewhere, to watch this.

It's unfortunate that they don't seem to have the attention span to look at such things - it must be something in the diet!!


Anonymous said...

Geez an excellent lecture. I urge all blog followers/readers to take the time this deserves.


Anonymous said...

I agree with G Mc this is an eyeopener. If you haven't watched it already sit down and do so.