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Thursday 30 June 2011

Wise words from Dr. Jay Wortman a lowcarb expert and a type two diabetic !

For people with conditions associated with insulin resistance, a low-carb diet is an alternative to the current approach of high-carb plus meds. I don't see how making this statement is construed as "promoting" a low-carb diet in violation of the forum rules - please clarify.

Metformin is the drug with the lowest risk of hypoglycemia. It reduces glucose output from the liver and improves glucose uptake in the periphery. If you are reducing carbs while taking metformin your chances of having a problem of hypos is not great. Most people, however, should be able to get off their metformin or significantly reduce it. The other drugs that stimulate insulin production, however, will get you into trouble if you continue to take them in their usual dosages when you start a low-carb diet. Same for insulin. Of course, type 1 diabetics will always need some insulin and severe type 2's may need to continue taking some insulin or meds as well. For most people (type 2), however, getting completely off meds and insulin should be the goal of carbohydrate restriction.

An Atkins induction level of carb restriction is not hard to do. I have been doing it for almost nine years now and would not consider any other way of eating.


Anonymous said...

This Dr makes so much sense. On looking and reading several forums/blogs I think I am one of the more fortunate few. My surgery have been quite supportive when I talk to them about how I have reduced my HbA1c. At one time I was on four metformin a day but now get by on just one. I'm hoping to eventually drop that one too. When first diagnosed I was at 11.4, it then dropped to 8.5 and now is at 5.7.

Low carbing is easy, I honestly cannot understand the fear that some seem to think it holds for them.

I've seen it written before and I agree education, knowledge is the only way but it is an uphill battle and sometimes those mountains are very high.

Anonymous said...

There's an awful lot of diabetics staggering around with failing sight, unhealed lesions and missing, or soon to be missing appendages. I often encounter them on my walks. The common denominator is they all seem grateful for the help they've received from their doctors/nurses/dieticians.

It really beggars belief that if I mention my readings and current state of health they just do not want to know about how I've achieved it.

To them, the fact that they're alive (just) is living proof that they're getting the best advice!!!

Oh, I couldn't give up my bread/potatoes/cakes etc is the common response. It reminds me of the old man with a fag coughing his guts up and saying smoking's his only pleasure.

Dr Jay's posts are always informative and a pleasure to read. It's a pity that most of them are still blocked as "Troll content".

My point? Whenever someone really goes to the trouble of posting a convincing argument for low carbing, they're accused of trying to force their ideas down someones throat. Like we're all jackbooted Nazis!

This blog is of paramount importance in the battle to get the message out there that we aren't all nuts or fascists, just people looking after our well-being in a way that works.