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Saturday 4 June 2011

A comment from Sue regarding the almond sponge and lowcarb fruits cake.

"I made the sponge recipe and put a mixture of these fruits in it, turned out lovely Sue"

This pic and recipe is on the front page of the Co-op members magazine link below. The Co-op recipe is a no no for us diabetics. I am going to try it but use almond flour and dump the high carb ingredients. I made a small cake with strawberries and it turned out fine. I have a silcone bread mould and will use it to make a large cake as shown in the pic.

Thanks Sue for your comments, Eddie


Anonymous said...

Mmmnn this does look gorgeous. Somehow reminds you of great food and warm summer days.

Anonymous said...

Good idea Sue, another recipe to try.

Mary P

Anonymous said...

Tried this out yesterday, really yummy