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Thursday 23 June 2011

Eureka a Dietition that talks commonsense Ashley Jacob !

“Although most people fear saturated fats, often labelled as "artery-clogging fats," there is no conclusive evidence showing that their consumption is associated with heart disease. In fact, a comprehensive and rigorous meta-analysis published in January 2010 in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" looked at the data from over 347,747 participants followed for five to 23 years and found no correlation between saturated fats and cardiovascular disease. Whether your low-carb meals are high in saturated fats or unsaturated fats, your heart health is not at risk.”



Anonymous said...

Thanks for another good link


AliB said...

Makes a refreshing change.

Here's on to look up Ed - do a search on the benefits of Sauerkraut. Very low carb and extremely beneficial.

But you have to make it yourself - the commercial stuff is dead not live (the fermentation is not conducive to commercial storage) and it is the live aspect that does the biz.

As humans we are LIVE beings that need LIVE food. Full of nutrition, enzymes, good bacteria and life-supporting substances.

Anonymous said...

Huhu, yes sauerkraut is easy to make yourself, try adding other vegetables to the cabbage for different flavours, add spices, not just salt, etc.
Sauerkraut and kefir, I have alwasys prattled on about these two, wonderfoods, and keep getting good reports and thanks from various people for telling them about them.
Please contact me if you would like to have fresh, lively, healthy kefir grains or a sauerkraut starter, I dont charge for them, not even postage, just put a few pence in a charity box of your choice instead.
Email the owner of this blog, he will forward your messaqes to me.
All the best, good health

Anonymous said...

The members on this forum need the help of Ashley Jacob. Note the 5555 in the link is this a reference to dear old Ally, the comments seem point in that direction!!!!

"Dietician dont like me"