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Friday 31 January 2014

2016 Summer Olympics in Rio Bans Horse Meat Diet !

Competitors in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil will have to go through more tests than any event to date.
"We do not want there to be any cheating here", says Spokesman Fabio Guaray. "If you plan to cheat, stay home. You will embarrass your country."
In fact, the Olympics is calling itself the "First True Olympics Ever!"
Not only will there be tests for drug abuse, steroids and other illegal substances but there will be a close examination by officials to make sure males are males and females are females.
"All sporting events in the world should follow our example", stated the spokesman.
Runners Geoffrey Mutai who won the 2011 Boston Marathon in fastest time ever run at the time and American, Ryan Hall, admit that they had been on a horse meat diet for years.
"That has never been banned as far as I know", stated several others.
"It will be in Brazil in 2016", stated Fabio.
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