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Monday 27 January 2014

DCUK Phoenix never gives up flogging the meds and carbs !

A member posts

"My readings are always too high, so a few months ago the D nurse talked me through counting carbs and adjusting insulin to suit. I still have problems and I am now so sick of potatoes and pasta that my stomach turns when I look at them. Any suggestions please? I know I need to eat something, but what? I feel I am turning into a real fussy eater, as Im not too keen about a lot of green leafy vegs either. What can I eat? Shall I stop the carb counting? All suggestions gratefully received."

A member replies

"If I were to eat pasta or potatoes my BS would be sky high, if you wont eat green veg, why don't you have it in a big veg soup. I think it might be a good idea for you to have a good peruse of the forum to see what everyone else eats. Certainly most reduce carbs - carbs convert to glucose which is sugar."

The Hope Warshaw (she of the 50% carbs is not high) worshipper phoenix replies

"It really helps if you are able to count carbs and adjust your insulin and it doesn't matter whether you adopt a lower or higher carb diet."

As the OP is struggling for control and clearly not overly clued up, a high carb high insulin regime is the last thing they need. And as for carb counting and checking BG levels regularly it is imperative for good control. Remember the less carbs, the less insulin, the less insulin, the less margin for serious errors.



Anonymous said...

With all her links to papers she should be wiser than she is. Her advice is sometimes confusing.

Anonymous said...

"it doesn't matter whether you adopt a lower or higher carb diet."

Is Phoenix being serious?