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Monday 27 January 2014

DCUK Randy L new star on the flog loves catherinecherub !

"I've got Great news catherinecherub, check out Dr. Perlmutter's book "Grain Brain" (or for free search "Dr Perlmutter on YouTube and check out the one that's Underground Wellness podcast #230) it will get rid of any current or future questions about All Cholesterol. Dr Perlmutter is a Neurologist, and has a degree in Nutrition also. AWESOME INFO that totally changes how you will look at cholesterol. The book and podcast also address the misinformation on the role that fats, carbs., and sugars play in our brain and total body. Ps- I don't get any money from this. I'm just Very Excited about this new information."

Posted by Randy L at DCUK

Do I like the cut of Randy's gib or what, check this vid out folks, one of the best I promise well worth your time. Eddie


Lighthouse keeper said...

This guy might have a best selling book but where are the voices of all the thousands of other neurologists on this matter? No big reaction leaves me wondering!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting indeed and he has a lot of followers. A long video which is maybe best watched in short bursts.

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Lighthouse Keeper how's Evie these days. Has she rubbished the book yet ?

Talking of books I read over at the asylum she has a book coming out. I bet the world is waiting with baited breath to get a look at her masterpiece.

Her last post dated 23 Jan has received one comment, I take it people are not queuing up to receive her 'News Letter'