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Tuesday 28 January 2014

Saving the NHS - it's no laughing matter !

Older UK readers may ask "Rufus who ?"
Some middle-aged will say "I've heard off him, but not sure why."
Younger readers will say "Yeah, the guy from Celebrity Juice and Mad Mad World."

Eddie and other Strictly fans will remember him from the Xmas special : Rufus Hound, comedian, actor, and presenter.

If you didn't watch The Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday, you will have missed him declaring his likelihood in standing in the forthcoming European elections as an MEP candidate for the National Health Action Party.

The NHA Party was formed at the end of 2012, in response to the Health and Social Care Bill passed earlier that year, by Drs. Clive Peedell and Richard Taylor who were 

"shocked at the Government’s brazen disregard for the public, introducing a Bill that was not in any manifesto, a bill which no one wanted and no one voted for"

The following day Rufus blogged that

"The millionaires that currently run things have decided that you (assuming you’re not a member of the Bullingdon Club, or a trustafarian) can go fuck yourself. This place is for them, not you. Why should you get free healthcare? Why can’t they take that big pot of money ear-marked for medicine and just start sharing it out amongst themselves? People are desperate when they’re sick and nothing’s as easier to monetise than desperation. Big, rich, private healthcare companies have donated millions to the Conservative party and now they’re calling in the debt. Jeremy Hunt is killing the NHS so that his owners can bleed you dry.
"I’ve been tweeting endlessly over the past few months about the dangers the NHS currently faces, but over Christmas, something changed. My wife – similarly passionate – suggested that we were becoming “those people”. Those people who whinge on and on, wringing hands and asking “But why isn’t somebody doing something?!” – instead of actually doing something.
So, we decided that we’d do something."
As Eddie would say he's kicking butt.
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Food for thought indeed.