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Monday 20 January 2014

The True Power of Love and What can be achieved when your son is a Type 1 Diabetic

We have highlighted Lisa and her Type 1 Diabetic Son before, and I have unashamedly taken all of her recent post (below) from her Blog 'the Diabetic Alien' which you can see in our side bar.  

Please read, get mad, get frustrated, get inspired, but please spread the news about what can be achieved. As Lisa so aptly says "I promptly told my son that he will not be getting any of those problems the doctor spoke of because he is on a low carb diet and exercises. He is smart enough to know I am right. I really am a diabetic alien living in a world of diabetic ignorance and misinformation."

Here is Lisa's post.

" I'm going to have a little rant.

I don't like to be negative. I try to always look on the bright side and count my blessing. But, sometimes I feel the need to let off some steam. And when it comes to diabetes healthcare, there is plenty to get upset about.

I took my son to see his GP yesterday for something unrelated to diabetes. He then started asking him about his diabetes, and said he would need to see an optometrist because diabetics can lose their vision, and to see a podiatrist because diabetics can get foot ulcers.

I have a few gripes about this...

1. Why tell a kid that he is going to go blind and get foot ulcers? My son despises having diabetes as it is; he doesn't need to be told what lovely things await him in the future.

2. My son will not be getting diabetic retinopathy or diabetic foot ulcers because he is on a low carb diet!!!  Diabetic complications are caused by advanced glycemic end products caused by eating too many carbs and high blood glucose levels.  My son's HbA1c is that of a non diabetic, so he is not ageing any faster than a non diabetic. He even asked what his HbA1c was, so surely he could put two and two together??  Why do I know this, but a doctor does not?

3. What he should have said is, "let's discuss your diet as that will impact on future health problems"  To which I would have answered that" he is already on a low carb diet."

4. I am never asked about my son's diet at his check ups.  Why not?  It is the most crucial aspect of diabetes management and should be the major focus of the appointment. Answer below...

5. The issue of diet is never discussed at appointments because doctors know nothing about the relationship between diet and blood glucose control!!!

6. WIth the high incidence of diabetes in this country, why don't GPs let alone endocrinologists and dieticians (ha ha) know anything about the advantages of a low carb diet for diabetics???? It is most DISTURBING. What the heck do they learn at university?

7. Why have I had to do all my own research to find out how to keep my son healthy?  Is that not what a healthcare provider should be doing?

8. Why do Diabetes agencies and the federal government promote high carb low fat diets as healthy??? I think I know the answer to this one - money speaks.  Keeping people healthy does not benefit those who make a living out of keeping people sick.

9. I was advised at diagnosis by a "specialist diabetic dietitian" (huh?) that "there is no such thing as a diabetic diet anymore, and diabetics can eat anything, even MC DONALDS as long as they inject enough insulin." OH WOW. THAT WAS NUTRITIONAL ADVICE??? I am not kidding. Those were her exact words.

Is it any wonder I am so cynical and sarcastic about this issue.  Please parents of diabetic children, do your own research. Experiment with different foods. Work out for yourself what makes their blood glucose go high. Don't feed them food that makes them go hyper. Keep them healthy. I work in healthcare, and I know how awful diabetic complications are. Your child does not have to develop them.  I am so passionate about this, I am writing a very long document on diabetic care for children, explaining what I have learnt this past year. Maybe I will give it to his doctor one day. I will definitely share my finding and knowledge on this blog.

After we left the clinic, I promptly told my son that he will not be getting any of those problems the doctor spoke of because he is on a low carb diet and exercises. He is smart enough to know I am right. I really am a diabetic alien living in a world of diabetic ignorance and misinformation.

Rant over for now."
As I commented on her blog (there are also other comments). Oh Lisa Lisa, I can so feel your frustration over the net. Why or Why aren't the medical profession more aware. (I feel you have correctly given the answer in your post). There are so many of us through our own research that know if you reduce the carbohydrate intake you can control blood sugars numbers so much better ... and yes your son will NOT go down with diabetic complications because YOU took time to do your own research.

I like your statement and have repeated it,"I really am a diabetic alien living in a world of diabetic ignorance and misinformation."

Keep posting, keep spreading the word. If we each only help one person a day. That person stops and thinks ... there is another way I can treat my diabetes... then the right progress is being made. But it's an uphill struggle.

The power of your love and what you are achieving for your son is to be admired and applauded.

Feel free to have a rant or moan any time .....

And most importantly feel free to pass on what can be achieved ....

LCHF all the way

All the best Jan


Galina L. said...

In US there is a strange (for me) idea that being on a diet or adjusting your life-style according to your health condition is very damaging for one's mental health, could lead to anxieties and ultimately ruins the quality of your life. At the current point of history, US is the life-style beacon for the rest of the world, even for the countries which claim that they dislike American way of life. Many people in US take pride in not adjusting their life-style if their life circumstances (like loss of job) change. They take loans if they can rather than cut on expenses - it would be like admitting defeat from their perspective. Even Dr.Emily Dean had a couple blog posts about "orthorexia" where she mentioned her colleague who told about his regrets about telling his patient about asthma/diet connection because the thinking about her diet made the patient anxious.

Obviously, I disagree with all that, but I guess, such attitude among Americans is a component in the "just take a pill" strategy to deal with chronical conditions. Many illnesses require special diets, not only diabetes.

My own main health problem is the tendency to have allergies, and the same is true for my son and husband. Allergies are also dangerous when go out of control, immune system can attack any body organ or system, many autoimmune diseases are debilitating and dangerous. We in family don't relay on pills (it is our last resort), or we would be gradually sicker and sicker, but it is what others are doing around us.

I also have migraines and have a tendency to have a poor control over my weight it all got way better on a LC diet.

Galina L. said...

O, and Diabetes 1 is in many cases an autoimmune condition - immune system attacking pancreatic gland. Is it often the case that D1 starts after a very strong flu when immune system goes into overrun and start attacking own body? It is just my speculation?, but I think that limiting children consumption of refined carbs , especially during infectious and virus illnesses+ giving them O3 fats and animal proteins, may prevents their immune system from going into overdrive and getting D1 or some other permanent body damages.

Anonymous said...

This lady's son is one of the more fortunate. It is inspiring in many ways but, and I give a big sigh here, there is something wrong with the medical establishment when good care comes down to a parents research and not being told by the Doctors.

Of course regretfully this can also be said about care and information for those with Type 2 diabetes.


Lisa said...

Thanks for your comments and encouragement everyone. The only reason I knew about a low carb diet for diabetes is that I coincidently read "Wheat Belly" by Dr Davis and "The Primal Blueprint" by Mark Sisson about 6 months before my son was diagnosed. So, once he was diagnosed, I immediately started our whole family on a low carb diet. Everything I have learnt about diet and exercise for diabetes I have researched myself. No healthcare worker has every given me this vital information. In fact, I was yelled at by one when I mentioned I had restricted the carbs in my son's diet. That's right, I was reprimanded for trying to keep my child healthy!! I even had to work out how to bolus correctly myself. Our diabetes association promotes shocking diets for diabetics. I have since cancelled my membership. I went to a diabetes association fund raiser and the food on offer was : cupcakes, sausages in bread and snow cones! You can see why I feel like an alien. I hope one day to meet a low carbing parent, but so far I seem to be the only one in my country! Lisa

Galina L. said...

Lisa, did you come across Dr. Bernstein book "The Diabetes Solution" which is free on-line - he is D1 since 12 years old, and now well into 70-s. It looks like he was the first person who found out how to manage D1. His story is really fascinating.