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Sunday 26 January 2014

Do Delia and Jamie Oliver have anything to worry about ?

Hard to believe Christmas was only one month ago, and one of our grandsons pictured above, had a wonderful time, not only playing with new toys, but enjoying the wrapping paper and boxes too! Yes the sound of tearing paper or wrinkling it up is a good one. Best of all you get to see what's wrapped up.

He had lots of great new toys to play with, plus lovely new books some clothes, gift vouchers. Well to him that was just another piece of paper but to his parents some very useful paper.

The toy that was the hardest to wrap was a toy cooking and kitchen set. In fact when he came downstairs he could see that ‘Father Christmas’ had made a wonderful job decorating the unit with ribbons, bows etc. No time was wasted  ….. it was straight into cooking …… just like his mum does. He is at an age where he loves watching mum in the kitchen (from a safe distance of course) and he will sit in his high chair with a bowl and mix things up ! Well now he has his own kitchen unit complete with cooker, hob, fridge, washing machine …… I just love playing with it to! LOL. 

We had to laugh, whilst his mum does use some of the Jamie Oliver cookery books (and there are many) her son utilizes a very vivid imagination and mixes all sorts of things when he is cooking dinner, getting breakfast ready etc. His kitchen set came with lots of toy plastic fruits, vegetables, mini tins … it’s quite amazing at how detailed this ‘pretend play’ is. Sometimes he mixes a lot of fruit but sometimes it’s his play eggs that go into the pan for a good mix. Occasionally the menu is quite intriguing and anything goes and we may have toy figures and cars included. The imagination ….. I know there are chefs that use flowers in with their wonderful desserts but toy figures now that‘s a first! 

Talking of foods our grandsons favourite fruits are blueberries, blackberries and bananas. So following on with the 'b's perhaps it should be beef and broccoli ! Now I didn’t see pretend broccoli included with the toy fruits and veggies but I’m sure mum will provide it for dinner.

I haven’t yet got a photograph of the cooking unit, but here is a similar one, although it doesn't have all the fridge, washing machine etc that is an all important part of any modern kitchen !

Hope you still have some Happy Memories from Christmas. Do Delia and Jamie have anything to worry about? Well I'm no Delia real food or plastic ! But who knows? In twenty years time grandson may be a budding chef, time will tell. We all start exploring, living and learning from pretend play.

All the best Jan

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture. Christmas seems a long way ago some how. It's Valentine Cards in the shops now.