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Thursday 30 January 2014

Happy Memories and all that Jazz !

I don’t know about you but I have lots of photo’s which bring so many happy memories. The truth is I have too many photographs …. But am so loathe to throw any out. In the early days (and being 60 ….sshh I didn’t tell you that!) I religiously put them in photo albums, which is good … only trouble is those photo albums do take up quite a bit of space. One of our sons, bless him, has now kindly agreed to store some of them, on a semi permanent basis, whilst I take time to sort them out. Notice it’s ‘I’ because they are mostly mine from my earlier years. Goodness did my hair really look like that !

My aim, and I think it’s a good one …. is to trim down my photo collection (sorry if it sounds like a diet!) so that I have a ‘Keepsakes’ type box of the most cherished. But where do I start they are all cherished. My earliest go back to my grandparents, when they were young. They are black and white photographs …. which I just love. There is so much character in the differing shades. In one of them - my grandfather who was a chauffeur looks wonderful in his uniform and such an old fashioned and distinguished looking car … just like he looks in his uniform. I’m so sorry I can’t share this with you ….. but if I do get a copy done and copied in a digital format I guess it can be shared via the net? Who knows ….

There are bloggers ‘out there’ who do like sharing photographs, which I think is brilliant. Am I nosy …. NO …. but I am interested in other people. Who they are, What they are, Their feelings, Their thoughts, it is what makes us and we are all unique. WE are all our own person … now being our own person when growing up can bring about many anxious moments, indeed, this can follow us through until adult hood. Throughout my  life my approach has always been to try and help people. It is something my parents deeply believed in … and to this day my father, now almost 90 yrs, does each day. He takes time to make sure his neighbours are ok. Oh that we could all do this.

Just yesterday I was in my local supermarket and the guy on the check out said, “you’re in a good mood, how nice to meet you, why can’t everyone be like you?“ All I had done was to smile at him and say “hello”. Is this asking too much of anyone? Well sad to say in ‘real life’ it still is ….. BUT onwards and upwards my smile is constant and I do my best to help family, friends and sometimes people I don’t even know.

During school life and beyond when I look back I’ve always been a helper, at times a teacher but always given my time to help others.  There have been times when I’ve received phone calls from parents at the ‘end of their tether’ I sincerely hope in their time of need I have helped them.

Well, have I come full circle ….. No. My life is not a circle it’s one that has followed a path (often winding) but I’ve kept on it and true to my beliefs …. If we can each only help one person a day think of what we have achieved.

So similar to what J F Kennedy once said “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country“. I would simply ask … what can you do today, to help someone?

Wherever you live, whatever you do MAKE THIS DAY COUNT.

All the best Jan

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