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Wednesday 29 January 2014

Sorry to disappoint Douglas99

Douglas you can!

But you will have to wait a while, in meantime enjoy your rusks that is of course assuming you have been weaned!

Linky thingy to douglas99

"Mind you, the funniest thing tomorrow will be watching Eddie throw all his toys out.

Worth it for that.
It'll be even better than the BBC show."

"Edward is in England, he'll be glued to it tomorrow, expect his rant about 2 minutes later. Best part of the show I reckon."
 "Sadly, they seem to have put his muzzle on, and kept him on a short lead tonight.

Ah well."

"I see Edward has slipped his leash again.
The chomping has started.
Ignore his bile about kman if you do read his blog, it is quite offensive, even by his standards."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't have the time to go into the reasons I thought that show was bloody awful! Most of the low-carbers on here know just how ridiculous the conclusions were. Especially after only a month and, as far as I could tell, very little evidence of "high fat".

Regarding "douglas99", I think we should show a little understanding - here's why:

The clues are in his user name. In my experience when people put a number in their user name it represents their year of birth.

In the light of this, his juvenile antics are quite typical of a spotty, testosterone charged 15 year-old youth. Sitting at his computer posting his rants as a diversion from his usual occupation which necessitates a handy box of tissues.

Keep up the good work Eddie and team!!