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Wednesday 29 January 2014

Five years of at least 40 eggs per month and still alive !

Since becoming a diabetic I have read enough dietary bilge to sink a ship. Eggs are killers, eggs are safe, dietary cholesterol will send me to boot hill swiftly. Over 80% of cholesterol is made in the body. Eat a nil cholesterol diet and your body will make what it needs. And it certainly needs cholesterol if you want to stay alive. Jeez, I have seen people on forums stating my total cholesterol is three, and I am hoping statins will take it lower.

The optimum total cholesterol levels are between 5 and 6. Low cholesterol levels are indicative of cancer and other very serious health problems. In postmenopausal women, higher cholesterol levels are linked to the longer they are likely to live. Low cholesterol levels in men has been strongly linked to depression, suicide and violence.

So folks, unless you suffer from a rare condition called hypercholesterolaemia, (very high cholesterol levels), keep on eating eggs, and keep a million miles away from statins. High HDL cholesterol (the so called good stuff) and very low trigs (the lower the better) is a feature of a low carb, low sugar, low starch diet. As are low blood glucose numbers, low blood pressure, and a low or nil medication way of life.

It's a free world, sort of, make your choice, the right food and exercise or more big pharma drugs for countless millions, for life, the choice is yours.



Anonymous said...

I'm about to make scrambled eggs for breakfast. A very good and tasty way to start the day.


Galina L. said...

It is a winter right now. I just want to tell you, guys who are not afraid of eating an extra egg, that hardboiled egg chopped or shredded into a hot cup of your favorite broth + chopped fresh herbs+ chopped green onion makes great almost instant soup. If somebody gets seasonal flu, add there fresh garlic and/or fresh ginger.
For somebody who are relaxed enough to eat liberal amount of eggs, egg salad is a great substitute for a potato salad.

Lowcarb team member said...

Hey Jean - agree scrambled eggs are a great way to start the day, or even ham and eggs for lunch !


Galina - many thanks for sharing your ideas, an egg salad tastes good doesn't it - they are so versatile.

All the best Jan

Galina L. said...

Sure, Jan, eggs are great. I am thinking recently about trying some souffle recipes with using ricotta cheese instead of traditional white (wheat flour, butter, milk) sauce.

In Russia potato salad contains a lot of ingredients besides potatoes, so I often make it without potatoes, but add couple more hardboiled eggs and one not very soft avocado, and the salad gets only better from it.
In case if are interested, my ingredients for the salad - 3 eggs,avocado, one fresh cucumber, one pickled, small raw sweet onion, two boiled carrots, small apple, cooked meat or chopped baloney, green piece, mayo/sourcream mix.