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Friday 24 January 2014

DCUK Memo from Giverny to the members.

Listen up you plebs and listen good. That low life low carb cyber terrorist and reprobate Eddie Mitchell has been banned again. This time we have taken the precaution of blocking his IP address, so the meddling bastard cannot even read the forum any more. So, get this straight knowing that ‘ediot’ and how he operates, he probably has other names on the forum, so keep your eyes peeled, for any skulduggery.

Let it be known, if any member starts sending his gruesome blog or emails him via his bloody website, stuff for his quote of the day rants, ridiculing the clan and winding up the forum numbskull's such as Gump, err sorry douglas, Sid Bonkers aka the enforcer will ram cornflakes down your throat til you choke. Jesus Christ does that bastard ever give up.

So, my pedigree chums, keep alert, never forget these low carb high fat scum are everywhere, until we have banned them all, we can’t flog off the forum, or start attracting some real wonga from advertisers. The everyone wins a meter gig ain’t the earner it was, because the few type two’s that get free tests strips are being transferred over to cheapo meters and test strips to save the NHS money, bastards. BTW if any of you are skint check out our pay day loans site, where we can do you a short term loan at a very reasonable 5000% apr.  As always many thanks to the valiant members who wrecked the low carb threads over the last few weeks.

Remember it’s high carb low fat and get those meds down ya we want to hear, this low carb shite is a non runner for any serious dosh to be earned. Meat and three veg my arse, it's a killer for sure, I'll give 'em meat I'll use their balls for earrings !

One last point, it has come to our attention the most dangerous forum troll in the history of diabetes forums, has infiltrated the forum again, no douglas I'm not talking about that retard Mitchell, I am referring to KARLA ! This person is highly dangerous and infiltrates peoples lives via the PM system. Take it from me she is crazier than a shit house rat, be careful. Stand by for more info soon.


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