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Thursday 30 January 2014

Chimps wimps and arch masturbators !

Over at the forum of flog douglas is creaming his silk panties. Evidently the program on the BBC (yet to be watched by me) gives low carb a good kicking. As usual it appears the diet discussed had little to do with the low carb diet our team uses.

I expected even the Gumps of this world would have latched on to the fact vegetables (low starch) are the mainstay of our diet, indeed I have stated in the past, I am a sort of meat eating vegetarian. Every blog and our website shows pictures of err veg. Everyday we post items on vegetables. With 50 carbs per day almost all from vegetables, that's a lot of vegetables.

So I have a couple of days away and return to noise. douglas making all sorts of noise on the flog re me. As  xyzzy said " and of course he can't defend himself on here now so he's such an easy target for you." douglas could come over here and argue his case and defend my lampooning of him but he won't, because he knows nothing about good diabetes control, nothing about a good diet for a diabetic and is gutless. He flits from thread to thread making a lot of noise, but says nothing of any value.

As Ray (another banned member of the flog said in a comment) douglas gets through a lot of tissues.

It's great to be back.


Post edit.

Hat tip to Tess re the Dr. John Briffa post shredding the posts that the statin using black box warning, cancer using drugs douglas chooses as the safe option to control his diabetes. Stick with your methods douglas, you are one less on the pension payroll I will have to contribute to.



tess said...

Dr Briffa TOOK APART that pathetic television show. :-)

Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks Tess I will check it out.

Eddie x

Galina L. said...

The show I didn't watch, but I found the article about it because my opponent in a discussion (Jane) on Wooo's blog found that episode to be the proof of dangers of ketosis.
She is supposed to be a scientist, and we discussed my opinion about her that she had no common sense. It was funny.