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Monday 20 January 2014

DCUK 99 change hands !

No, this is not another go at the ‘master’, or a joke coming up about 
masturbation. It is a comment on the lunacy from the clan and low carb 
antis on the forum. You can just imagine these dullards sitting 
watching their computer screens, butt cheeks clenched, teeth gnashing, 
hovering like a vulture, waiting for a new thread with low carb in the 
title. This happened as reported earlier this weekend.

Forum good guy and man with a sharp mind SamJB, started a thread called 
Low carb diets and Diabetes UK, this was not a major promotion or a ram 
low carb down peoples throats campaign, it was highlighting the fact, 
the largest diabetes charity in the UK, was not interested in a low 
carb lifestyle, for the good control of diabetes.

In no time at all, the carb addicted and cover the junk with meds 
brigade, were out in force. Most of the antis know next to nothing 
about good diabetes control, and boy do they demonstrate that fact, 
when they start giving it large. For once I am in 100% agreement with 
CatherineCherub, when she stated this morning. “All that the OP is 
asking is for DUK to acknowledge low carb diets as an option for 
managing diabetes both for Type1 and Type2. He is not saying that low 
carbing should be the only option.”

So there you have it folks, there is only one group that fights harder 
than low carbers for the cause, on the forum, and that’s a small group 
of junk food addicts, hanging on by their fingernails, trying to kid us 
they have the answers, and acting as apologists for DUK and other drug 
shill outfits. It was ever thus.



Anonymous said...

I wonder if someone could persuade Douglas99 to join ETYM. He would stir them out of their inertia.
Three whole posts there today and hardly a sign of life.
The only one who seems to want the forum to succeed is Catza but she is wasting her time. The others are not interested.

Lowcarb team member said...

ETYM sold out right at the start. They wanted to be all things to all people, it was doomed. As a smallish low carb forum it could have been great. But it swiftly became an ego trip for some of the owners.

Time for the life support to be switched off, tell Shane to turn the lights out, it's a corpse, and it's beginning to smell.


Lowcarb team member said...

Sam is indeed one of the good guys.

I have not seen his posts but I know that he like others before him tried to go down the open and transparent route to change things for all of us.

Doomed to failure perhaps but at least he tried.Must go to investigate......


Lowcarb team member said...

I have now read the thread.
I feel sorry for him -all his hard work and time-almost-wasted.

CatherineCherub was indeed right. Its all most of us have ever asked for but far more than any of us seem likely to get.

We need some sort of independent representative to speak for us.


Lowcarb team member said...

Kath said...

"I have now read the thread.
I feel sorry for him -all his hard work and time-almost-wasted.

I don't think Sam will be deterred from his aim Kath, he's had a positive responses from the LC members. There was only one moron who tried to derail the thread, he completely missed the point of the thread which was to challenge DUK's position on LC. He said "So why aren't we lobbying for the Newcastle diet?" The answer of course is that it's already been funded by DUK.


Lowcarb team member said...

I am sure you are right Graham . I don't think he will be deterred by forum members I was thinking more of DUK who encouraged him initially - in the hope of putting him off I suppose.

On the other hand his experience has shown a lot of new people what we are up against it.

Wish there was a way of organising support for him.