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Monday 27 January 2014

DAFNE experience - the good and the bad Flog members speak !

"Overall I think the DAFNE course is very worthwhile, the 100's of positive posts we have had on the forum over the years from people who have enrolled on it and come away with a new wealth of knowledge speaks volumes."

From Noblehead a man clinging by his fingertips to realty, and arguabley the biggest bullshiter the forum has ever seen. "100's of positive posts"  Liar ! most have said it was a waste of time.

"The misinformation in there is staggering and it's a disgrace that such rubbish is taught to people (basal test for non-carb meals, don't count carbs in veg etc). I wholeheartedly agree that education is the route to a good HbA1c, but the DAFNE course is not up to scratch; it doesn't bring peoples' HbA1c below 6.5% and gives out misinformation. It doesn't deliver efficacy and if it doesn't deliver efficacy then it's not good enough. We should definitely have a DAFNE-like course, but the content needs to be drastically improved."

From Sam a man with a fine mind and speaks the truth.

Link to DAFNE post here

The photo below is not a spoof, this is the sort of food DAFNE say is good for a diabetic and came from their site after a meeting and a high carb bash.


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