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Sunday 26 January 2014

Central Storage of Medical Records

If you are worried about your medical records about to be stored in a central database please read the following:

“This information will include diagnoses, investigations, treatments and referrals as well as other things you may have shared with your doctor including your weight, alcohol consumption, smoking and family history. Each piece of information will be identifiable as it will be uploaded with your NHS number, date of birth, post code, gender and ethnicity

Given the recent privacy issues you may want to stop the central storage of you medical records

1 Goto the website
2 Download the UPDATED opt-out form
3 Fill it in the form (there is space for yourself and and four family members
4 Take it to your GP (and get a receipt)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would ask readers to consider their choices. As your earlier article stated and my comment made on 22 January "More thought does need to go into this. Our personal identification and information should remain only in our Doctors hands and not sold off to those willing to pay or hijack.

Paul B
22 January 2014 22:26"