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Sunday 19 January 2014

Playing it safe sends millions to an early gave !

A good Doctor when confronted with a medical situation that could be serious, or the exact condition is not very obvious, will get a second opinion or order blood tests etc. This  is a good thing, better to be safe than sorry. Unfortunately playing it safe can be a bad thing, and send many to an early grave.

Most Doctors are playing it safe by recommending a ‘healthy balanced diet’, the same goes for dietitians. If the medics stick to the rules, very often constructed or influenced by people on the payroll of big pharma and junk food, the rules get bent. Keeping to the rules keeps people out of trouble, it keeps people in a job and the money coming in. It also keeps people sick, and very often dependent on medication for the rest of their lives. This has a certain ring to it don't you think “I was only following orders” did not work as a defence in the past, and will not work as a defense in the future.

The ‘healthy balanced diet’ has lead to the epidemics of obesity and it’s often linked type two diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Every year the numbers get worse, and every year the same ‘safe option’ is adhered to. Until big changes are made in dietary recommendations, nothing is going to change. I find it incredible, that Doctors and most dietitians do not know the dangers of a diet based on sugar and starch, I expect future courts of law, will also find in incredible.



Lori Miller said...

Back in the 30s and 40s when the term "balanced diet" came about, the term meant "a variety of nutritious food." Millions of people had gotten sick with beri beri and pellagra from diets based on nutrient stripped grains.

Almond said...

A change to a low-carb diet also requires a radical change in thinking.

Most people are bewildered when they first learn that grains isn't an essential "nutrient". They will argue "but people have eaten grains for hundreds for years!" or "my skinny co-worker eats pizza and bagels and they're okay!" (yeah, but you're not them, are you?)

A loaf of bread today isn't the same from ~50 years ago. The rise of an industrial food system has also introduced a plethora of "foodstuffs" that is not only unnecessary to the maintenance of good health, but actually takes away from it. The idea that "wholegrains are good for heart health!" is so deeply entrenched in the average person's mind it will take 180 for them to think otherwise. I think if the average doctor were to recommend a low-carb diet to his or her patient, the doctor will be considered crazy instead of forward-thinking.

Much easier to stay within the status quo...

Anonymous said...

All foods have seen such a change. Is any food like it was 40 or so years ago? Was balanced healthy eating seen as "three square meals a day"? As we have progressed and the factory food that goes into our food chain, we have become ill but do the majority want to perceive it as being ill? A slim person may be as ill as an obese, it is not always possible to see the hidden dangers that are in modern foods and within our body. Those years back fresh food was more the 'norm' we ate as the seasons permitted. I could go on about GM crops, tomatoes not being grown as plants but more like in a science lab. The average Doctor has so much information available, he has to follow policy, it is a brave person who steps outside. But maybe a few more are stepping outside the line now and we are becoming more aware of what is a healthier diet. Fresh food wherever possible.