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Sunday 26 January 2014

Genetically-modified purple tomatoes heading for shops !

Aren't we lucky, for years I have been saying to Jan, what I need in my life are purple tomatoes. Seriously folks those good guys who like to meddle around with nature have come up with this monstrosity. One thing that is good is the fact you can spot the difference from across the shop. Most GM food is undetectable and is getting into all sorts of food. It's a massive business in the US and Monsanto are the number one outfit. US food is full of GM junk, but it making it's way over here. In fact this abortion of a failed science experiment was created here, keep well away is my advice. Jeez what will we have next bright orange square brussel sprouts, who needs this crap. 

One of the chimps involved said "The aim is to use the juice in research to conduct a wide range of tests including examining whether the anthocyanin has positive effects on humans." 

Well the juice from ordinary tomatoes, "has positive effects on humans" and is never gonna turn your offspring into three eyed mutants.

Talking of mutants, I better get over to and check on those low carb antis, if you want a good example for what high carb food, and a bag of meds can do to a person, look no further than the forum of flog.


Full BBC story here.


Anonymous said...

But even the red tomatoes are nothing like the ones that were available in past years. I can remember Aunts with green houses that grew tomatoes on a bush/tomato plant. Of course they were only available in season but the taste of that fresh hand picked tomato makes my taste buds work now at the thought.

None of our foods are anything like they were but what choice do we have? We open our purses see what money is available and choose what vegetables we can afford to buy.

I do not think purple tomatoes will be on my shopping list a purple aubergine may be.


Anonymous said...

Why meddle - there must be money in it.

Anonymous said...

Farming and the way all foods are grown and manufactured have seen such a change these past decades. Organic fruits and vegetables have seen a growth but is that stalling?No food is like it was in the 40's and 50's which were my young years. As the world evolves people are still starving and going without, those that could do more do not. Greed is becoming seen mote and more. I am all right and turn an eye that does not want to see. The young and those who are in places that could help us think more of each other need to do it now before it is to late. Purple tomatoes it will be blue brussel sprouts and pink brussel sprouts next depending on the gender of the child.


Anonymous said...

Margret said "Purple tomatoes it will be blue brussel sprouts and pink brussel sprouts next depending on the gender of the child."

If there is money in it - it will be done.

tess said...

the worst thing about a purple tomato, in my opinion? THEY LOOK LIKE HERITAGE VARIETIES. :-( for a long time, distinctive heritage-breed vegetables were the easy way to identify non-GMO from the lab-created ones (like, blue corn is still supposed to be "safe"). Next you will see bumpy yellow and orange tomatoes, I predict, because they're heritage look-alikes.

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Tess

I have never heard of "heritage look-alikes" Have you got a link for more information.