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Friday 24 January 2014

Unilever weighs up Slim-Fast sale !

"After surprising the market with its first profit warning in a decade in October 2013, consumer goods giant Unilever is considering whether to sell its Slim-Fast milkshake and snack bar brand in a bid to tighten its belt.

Speculation of this arises just months after its rival Swiss-based competitor Nestle announced they'd be selling its Jenny Craig diet business to North Castle Partners, a private equity group in November, hinting that changing diet habits are to blame.

Speaking to The Times, one banking source said: "having brands which are very diet-specific can be quite a tough gig now because people are moving away from [meal replacement diets] to more naturally, healthy diets if they want to lose weight". Adding, "the heyday of Slim-Fast is a bit behind it and I can see why Unilever would want to get out."

Did you see that folks ? "people are moving away from [meal replacement diets] to more naturally, healthy diets"

What with Unilever about to dump margarine and sugar getting kicked to death, in just about every newspaper and TV channel, the junk food gig is up, well on the way out at least. Stand by for a massive damage limitation exercise. Adverts 24/7 more bent trials and studies than you can wave a stick at. All over the world millions of bloggers are spreading the word, not as paid mercenaries, but fighting the cause for love. Most of us are fighting for the next generation, we are what we, but we can ensure the young people and kids know the score, regarding the poisonous crap many of us shoveled down our necks for much of our lives. Low carb high fat fresh whole foods, I'm luvin it.

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Galina L. said...

Some people are trying their hardest to push into the opposite direction. Charles Grashow is a good example, anything what he thinks is in a favor of any regiment , but LC, is his wining horse. At the moment he is arguing that Marcobiotic diet (mostly grains, steamed veggies, some fish + Yin-Yang mambo-jumbo) works as well for Diabetics as LC, may be better on the Hyperlipid blog. That guy is taking statins, may it is the explanation.

Galina L. said...

Unfortunately, the meal replacement drinks at hospitals are as bad as a Slim-Fast, and people do not always have a choose in a medical facility what to choose. So, I see it as a bigger problem.
When my mom recently had a surgery in Russia, all patient got glucose IV mixed with insulin post-op. Did you think what to do if some of your folks find yourself in a hospital?

Anonymous said...

All over the world bloggers are indeed doing their best to spread the word. As more people become aware of the 'carbage' they are consuming, the voices will become ever louder. Alas there will still be some where the better health news will fall on closed eyes and ears. But bloggers unite, don't give up. We as readers, writers and the ordinary public owe it to the next generation and the ones after.


Lowcarb team member said...

Hello Galina and many thanks for your comments.

I know many type 2 diabetics in the UK who have been eating low carb high fat foods which has helped them to better control of their blood sugar numbers.

They may then have fallen ill (nothing to do with their diabetes) but their illness meant they needed to be hospitalised. Take our neighbour for example, who was a Type 2 diabetic, and had to go into hospital for a hip replacement. He had been controlling his diabetes for over 20 years by eating this way, he didn't have to take any diabetes medication. He used to say that as long as his daily carb intake was around the 30 mark his blood sugar numbers were that of a non diabetic.

You may already see where this is leading. He was in hospital recovering from his hip operation and although the hospital knew he was a type 2 diabetic and he had specifically requested meals that were low in carbs, unfortunately their idea of low carbs were nowhere near the same as his. He was released from hospital and convalesced at home. He did make a good recovery from his hip operation but it took him weeks to get his blood sugar numbers to safe numbers. He couldn't believe it.

Maybe in some hospitals, if you are a diabetic, the menu's offered and care given is ok and the nursing staff, dietitians etc are far more aware of what a low carb high fat diet means to a well controlled diabetic. However, experiences show that in most cases there is still lots of room for improvement.

Thanks once again for your comments, highlighting what is good and what is bad with our health care systems.

All the best Jan

Lowcarb team member said...

Hello Kay and many thanks for your comment. Yes, there are many great blogs out there that do pass on the news that should be highlighted and the public made aware of what is going on. I know people can read certain things in the press but a little more information spread around the blogs does help the good news to be spread. Dare I say eat real food, not processed and LCHF !

All the best Jan

Galina L. said...

Thank you, Jan,
I hope in a future LC diet will be recognized as an important part of a personal medical history, or at least as a legitimate individual choice, like vegans are entailed now to have food choices in accordance with their philosophical idea that eating animal products is wrong.
I think you ,as a group of mainly diabetics who control their condition through mainly eating , have to develop a manual how to navigate conventional medical facilities better. Even you, Jan, could be concerned - the adaptation to a LC diet will cause a decrease(reversible) to carbohydrates in healthy individuals .